• ADA Signage ? Important Signage for Your Facility
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    Posted on: March 29, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    There are signs that you need to make sure your marketing is spot on. But there are also signs that you need to have to be compliant with government regulations. Depending on your business, government may require you to display lots of signage. But one of the most common of these legally required signs is ADA signage is. These signs are used to mark necessary spaces in your facilities and are required to look a certain way. But ADA signage is not only a necessity, it makes life easier for those with disabilities.

    What is it?

    ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, an American civil rights law signed by George H. W. Bush. The ADA prohibits discrimination against Americans with disabilities in the workplace and provided that public spaces need to have specific accommodations. One of the accommodations required by this law is signage that is conveniently located and is visually easy to read and includes braille lettering. There are a number of rules governing the way these signs look and these rules are more than just someone?s preferences, they?re put into place to make sure that ADA signs are as accessible as possible.

    Here are some of the rules governing ADA signage:

    • Signs must have non-reflective, non-glare backgrounds.
    • Signs must have high contrast between the characters and the background, in reference to lightness and darkness not color.
    • ADA signs that identify a space should be placed next to the door they identify and must have braille lettering or another sign with braille lettering.

    Why You Need It

    There is a lot more that goes into an ADA sign, but it?s important to understand they?re use. They make your facility more accessible to everyone and safer. Imagine if there was a fire and an individual with a visual impairment was trying to locate an emergency staircase. These signs are designed to make sure that in such a situation, that individual will be able to identify an emergency exit if necessary. On a simpler level, trying to find an unmarked bathroom is difficult enough for individuals who can see clearly, but for someone with a visual impairment, these signs may be the only way they can locate a bathroom.

    Make it Easy

    ADA signs can be a complicated type of signage. It?s easy enough to make sure you?re compliant with ADA laws, though. All you have to do is make sure you?re working with signage experts, like our team at GraphicWorks. We can help you with you ADA signage and staying compliant, so contact out team today!