• Be Proud and Entice Customers with Mounted Canvas Prints
    Posted on: May 11, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    How do you really show off something you?re proud of? One way is to hang it on your wall. That might be hard to do if the thing you?re proud of is a popular dish in your restaurant or a building you just designed or a kitchen you just installed. With our advanced digital printing technology, GraphicWorks Sign Company can create mounted canvas prints that can show off your work and entice potential customers.

    Don?t Blend In

    Have you ever noticed that a lot of places seem to have the same art on the wall? It seems like every office building has the same painting and prints in their lobbies and hallways. It might not seem like an important part of your business, but the pictures you display on your walls build your brand. If you have the same pictures as everyone else, you?re not showcasing what sets you apart from your competition.

    With our mounted canvas prints, you?ll be able to put whatever images you like on your walls. You can really make sure that you’re showing off what sets your business apart by showcasing a little bit of your personality or work you?re proud of.

    Mounted Canvas Prints by GraphicWorks Sign Company

    Say Something

    That old clich? about pictures being worth a thousand words is true. A single image in your space can say more about you than any number of words. By making your images relevant to your business, you?re adding to their ability to represent you and what you do.

    For example, in a restaurant, you could put up mounted canvas prints of your best dish, or a print of your head-chef shaking hands with a well-known food writer. If you?re a contractor or an architect you could hang up a print of your projects and designs. Sometimes, just having a soothing scenery print can put potential clients or interviewees at ease before you meet with them. There are a lot of ways you can improve your space and your brand too with mounted canvas prints.

    Mounted Canvas Prints by GraphicWorks Sign Company

    Powerful Technology

    There are very few limits as to what we can make into a print for you. GraphicWorks uses the latest technology to create our prints. Our 64? HP Latex 360 Printer can print awesome quality images in a size and shape that works perfectly for your space. And our printer is backed by X-rite i1 color management software that will help us get the exact colors you need.

    Sometimes all you need is a spectacular image to set your business apart from your competitors. Make that image perfect with GraphicWorks Sign Company.

    Mounted Canvas Prints by GraphicWorks Sign Company