• A Beginner?s Guide to Channel Letters in Arvada CO
    Posted on: October 14, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    If you are thinking about installing channel letter signs on your facility, you are not alone. We are getting tons of calls these days from business owners looking to install channel letters. This is because they are beautiful to look at, are highly visible at all hours of the day and night, are energy efficient, and allow for some wonderfully creative 3D designs. We generally install them on the outside of buildings or inside of upscale shopping malls. Graphicworks Sign Company has put together this useful guide to help you understand your options for channel letters in Arvada CO.

    Channel Letter Signs Defined

    channel letters in Arvada COBefore you go sign shopping, it is important that you know a little bit about what you are looking for. When you do, you can pick the best channel letters for your purposes. Channel letters are basically made of individually crafted 3D letters and shapes. The letters are constructed by us. Since aluminum is rust resistant, it is our preferred material for the letter “cans.” The letters can vary from two to six inches in depth or even more depending on the overall size of your marker.

    Each letter is capped with a translucent acrylic. The faces can be any color you need, but most of the time, they are white. We install LEDs inside of each frame to illuminate the sign. We use LEDs because they are environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and affordable. Additionally, cold weather does not affect them. Your finished sign will stand out at night and be highly visible during the day.

    Channel Letter Options

    channel letters in Arvada, COHalo-lit channel letters add a beautiful and distinguished twist to the old standard. The back is left open with this solution. Therefore, instead of lighting the face of the sign, the light is directed out of the back of the letters. As the light spills onto the back panel or wall that the letters are mounted to, a sophisticated halo of light is created around each letter. To get all of the light to go out of the back, halo-lit channel letters are usually all aluminum and painted black.

    Once the letters are ready to be installed, they are typically mounted on a raceway or panel. But, we can also mount the channel letters individually to the exterior of your venue. At this time, the designer may complete the overall look by adding other elements and accents.

    Are Channel Letters Right for Your Organization?

    channel letters in Arvada COChannel letter signs are one of today’s most requested exterior signs because they

    • Make your business appear larger than it is
    • Are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and durable
    • Help you stand out from your competitors
    • Use low voltage DC power
    • Are easy to see from far away
    • Allow for many design options
    • And several other reasons!

    We are proud to offer channel letter installation, permitting, maintenance, fabrication, repairs, and design for all of the Denver metro area. If you are ready to take advantage of these markers, contact the friendly experts at Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free estimate on channel letters in Arvada CO.

    channel letters in Arvada CO