• Benefits of Etched Window Graphics in Retail Spaces
    Posted on: April 27, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Etched windows are a beautiful effect. While many only think of etched windows in personal interior design, there are other applications that can be useful for businesses of many types. Retail stores, in particular, can make use of the window graphics. This type of window film gives the same look of etched windows without the cost and maintenance.

    But how can a retail storefront use the film effectively and in a way that promotes sales?

    etched window graphics

    Control Light Coming In

    If your storefront regularly has too much sun at certain times of the day, it can impact the buying experience of a customer. In some cases, the light can distract customers from particular displays or make it difficult to read promotional information. Window film can help to alleviate some of the strains of too much sunlight while maintaining a visual appeal.

    Create Privacy from Outside

    Giving customers a full experience is easy with window film. They won?t feel like they are in a fishbowl while making a purchase. Instead, they will have privacy from the outside world and feel more engaged with the retail space. At the same time, etched window graphics won?t make them feel blocked off from the rest of the world, leaving the space still open and less boxed in.

    etched window graphics

    Section Off Departments

    Window film isn?t only for front windows. A creative touch could be sectioning off departments with glass that has an etched aesthetic while also displaying the name of the department. This can be done with larger sheets of glass or with smaller glass that hangs from the ceiling. The only limitation on these graphics is your own creativity.

    Aesthetic Appeal of Patterned, Textured and Specialty Decorative Film

    There is a long list of available patterns, shapes and other specifications to make an engaging yet elegant display out of any glass in the retail space. Even better, these textures and specially designed decorative films have the look of designer glass without the big price tag.

    There are also levels of translucency available that make each film a unique piece for your store. Whether you are looking to block a lot of sun out or simply add some elegance to your windows, we can help. Contact our team today to find out which options will work the best with your space and vision. Our professionals have worked with business owners of all industries and will tailor-make your project for your brand.