• Benefits of Carved and Sandblasted Signs
    Posted on: March 08, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Signs have been an important part of business since the beginning. It?s easy to imagine old-fashioned storefronts with wooden signs hanging down above the door. Now, signs come in all shapes and sizes. They come in all kinds of designs and styles. But you can still get that elegant, classic look that those old shops and stores had a hundred, even two-hundred years ago. Carved and sandblasted signs are a great choice for anyone trying to capture that old-school feel. Here are just a few of the major benefits of a carved or sandblasted sign for your storefront.

    Carved and Sandblasted Signs Golden CO

    Classic Style

    Carved and sandblasted signs evoke an old-style look that goes a long way to define a certain kind of business. Not everyone needs a large, lighted sign, and signs like that can be a detriment to some facilities, businesses, and buildings. Antique stores, book stores, libraries, historical buildings, government buildings and more can use carved or sandblasted signs to really appeal to potential clients, customers, and visitors. These signs can add the right kind of charm to the d?cor or style of the building while still informing passersby about the place.

    Perfect for Historic Areas

    This simple style not only appeals to potential clients, but can appease tricky zoning boards, neighborhood associations, historical societies, and even fit certain community ordinances that may limit your signage. In some areas, particularly in historic neighborhoods with old home, it may be hard to get more modern signage approved and in place. In instances like these, carved signs or sandblasted signs may meet the requirements established and match the existing look or feel of an older neighborhood.

    Modern Techniques

    The classic, elegant look of a sandblasted or carved sign does not have to come at the price of longevity. Modern materials allow us to create signs that will stand up to both time and weather. So, you can get the rustic look of a wooden sign without the wear and tear. Sign foam is a great alternative to wood, especially in a place like Colorado where weather can get pretty extreme.sandblasted signs in Arvada CO

    Great Designs

    Aside from your choice of wood or sign foam, you can choose the way your sign looks. Carved and sandblasted signs are not limited by their old-school looks. We can create signs with all kinds of designs and colors that will not only appeal to the history buffs but will be uniform with the rest of your branding.

    If you need a carved or sandblasted sign for your Colorado storefront, contact our team today!