• Benefits of Using Outdoor Signage to Boost Summer Business
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    Posted on: June 06, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    At last, summer is here. The weather will be better and you might often feel the sudden urge to go out for a brisk walk. There will be more people out on the streets, and a different kind of energy will spread all around.

    All these also point to something else. You might need to change your marketing strategy.

    For example, more crowded streets might mean that people have eyes on the road more than anywhere else. In this situation, it’s completely natural for them to miss out your super awesome pylon sign. On the other hand, outdoor signages like A-frames, portable signs and murals can help you stand out.

    3 great benefits of using outdoor signage this summer are:

    1. Truly Unique

    Think about a promotional poster for a while. I am sure you have seen so many that you wouldn’t have found any single poster which was too good. Now, think about an A-frame. There is a good chance you got something much more distinct. Outdoor signs have this great quality. They stick.

    Hence, going for outdoor signage generally translates to a more lasting impression. And this doesn’t just mean more customers. This also means more people are talking about your store. That word of mouth publicity can truly do wonders.

    1. Economical and Reusable

    Outdoor signs are inexpensive to put up. We are not saying this because they come cheap. We are saying this because they are reusable. A-signs can be used outside your store during summers. If you change their message, they can be used inside the store during winters. Similarly, in case you decide on creating graphics or murals for your walls, they will help promote your store all year round.

    Portable signs are versatile in their own way. You can keep them close to the ground during summer. This makes them unique and passerbys would definitely take note. During winter, they can be hoisted on the top of the store for increased visibility.

    1. Help You Increase Your Reach

    Normally, people think about signs as materials to be put up inside or just outside one’s store. But, with outdoor signage, one can do much more. You can tie up with a shopkeeper on the next lane and place an A-frame there. This way, more people get to know about your shop.

    This has many benefits. One, you get a much wider audience. Two, you give the customer time to think. By the time he comes around to your shop, he can decide if he really wants to take a look. Lastly, it helps you build relationships with other shopkeepers. These relations often turn out to be very significant in the long term.

    However, be sure to give directions on any signage which is not right outside your shop. Plus, those directions must not point to a secret treasure on a map. They must be simple like ‘2 minutes after taking the first right’ or ‘the lane to the right of this one’.

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    If there is one time when you can attract more customers, then it is now. With more people out on the street, signs will work better than any other marketing tool.

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