• What Are the Best Uses for Wall Wraps in Golden CO?
    Posted on: January 13, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and office managers regularly call us to learn more about wall wraps in Golden CO. Much of the wall decor that was previously found in retail shops and professional offices is now being replaced with wall murals. To help you get started with this trend, we will cover some of the most popular uses for wall wraps.

    Wall Wraps Defined

    wall wraps in Golden COCommonly called vinyl wallscapes, wall murals, digitally printed wallpaper, or wall graphics, wall wraps are vinyl graphics that can feature any message or info you want and can be installed on just about any surface. The vinyl films used for these wraps were specifically manufactured for use on walls.

    We print your photographs, branding, or anything else you want directly onto the vinyl using our wide format digital printer. Then, the wall mural is professionally installed with an overlaminate film to make sure the graphics look their best for many years to come. The final product looks almost exactly the same as a painted mural.

    Update Your Interior Decor the Affordable Way

    wall wraps in Golden COTake a moment to look at the walls of your store or office. Think about what you see. Do your walls scream “dead end job”? Are they plain and uninspired? If this sounds familiar, it may be time for a change.

    With wall murals, you can completely transform the look for your venue. For instance, you may go home for the night, and the next day, your walls can be covered with bright sharp colors displaying your core values and mission statement as well as your corporate branding. If you operate a charity, you could also recognize some of your biggest sponsors and donors. All of this is possible with nothing more than wall wraps. Digitally printed wallpaper is especially beneficial for retailers and restaurants.

    Inspire Impulse Purchases

    wall wraps in Golden COLarge wall murals showcasing people using your products or services are effective for putting consumers in a buying mood. If you operate a sporting goods store, you will entice shoppers to spend big with wall wraps featuring famous athletes using your gear. Or, a convenience store may highlight professional photos of some of their food items.

    Get Information across

    Wall murals are typically used in schools, churches, businesses, nonprofits, and other places for the following purposes:

    Display Your Corporate History – With a timeline graphic showcasing the history of your business, you can transform a boring corridor or meeting room. You will impress clients with how far you have come by harkening back to your humble beginnings.

    Share Educational Data – How you make your products and what they are made of can be influential in consumers? buying decisions. You can highlight the manufacturing process of your products with a big wall wrap in your lobby.

    Show Your Evacuation Routes – You could save lives when you install wall murals showing evacuation routes near stairwells, exit doors, or near elevators.

    If you are interested in learning more about wall wraps in Golden CO, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free consultation!

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