• How to Best Utilize Space in Channel Letter Sign Design
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    Posted on: April 18, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    An effective sign can be as simple as properly using the available space. When a sign has too much space between letters or not enough, it can lose its effectiveness. On the other hand, using proper spacing and keeping a simple yet operative design could drive customers into the store, as you have communicated a solid brand that has what they are looking for, or have intrigued them enough to warrant stopping in.

    But how does a business utilize the space in their channel letter sign? Sticking with a handful of quick and easy tips can make the design part of the job much easier on newer companies.

    internally lit channel letters

    Practice Brevity

    While you want passersby to know what you have to offer, overloading their sensory won?t be effective. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, ?signs are the most effective yet least expensive form of advertising for small business.? This has a lot to do with how customers find the stores they frequent. On average, most shop within five miles of their home or place of work. This means most often, they stop in the stores with a sign that caught their eye.

    With only a few seconds to see a sign, brevity is key. In most cases, channel letter signs display only the name of the company. In some cases, a logo or graphic could be helpful. However, slogans and mottos are generally steered away from in most cases. This is to keep the text short and to the point. If your business name doesn?t fully convey the services you wish to put on display, adding a graphic, such as a computer for a computer repair store or shoe for a fashion store, can convey a lot of information without taking up too much real estate.

    halo lit channel letters

    Keep it Simple

    Most often, passersby will have about five seconds to get an impression from your sign. Keeping it simple gets to the point and communicates a good amount of information while prompting potential customers to walk in to learn more, which can be one of the most effective ways to generate a sale.

    Utilize Design

    Embodying the look, tone and feel of your business in your sign can do a lot for your business. Using the same example from above, a customer is likely to go to the store with an image of a computer in their sign if they need their computer repaired, yet the design is simple and doesn?t overwhelm the viewer.

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