• The Charm of Sandblasted Signs in Arvada CO
    Posted on: June 29, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Sandblasted signs are preferred by manufacturing businesses, cafes, salons, and any other organizations looking for a permanent sign with an old-fashioned, artistic look to draw in prospective clients. These types of markers offer a rustic, custom appearance that appeals to a broad demographic. Thankfully, Graphicworks Sign Company is one of the top suppliers of sandblasted signs in Arvada CO. Read on to learn more about this signage alternative.

    How Are Sandblasted Signs Made?

    sandblasted signs in Arvada COSandblasted signs are manufactured by using a high-pressure jet of air and sand to remove parts of a sign material. Different sections are blasted away in order to make other areas of the marker stand out. We start by covering the surface of the material with rubber masking. The masking is cut away to expose the substrate in the sections where you want to blast away the material. We then eradicate the exposed spots of the sign to a precise depth using a high-powered jet of sand directed at the sign panel.

    The parts that are typically left over are the graphics and copy. They have a dimensional appearance that really catches eyes. The last step is to give the sign real depth by painting it and applying finishes that give it whatever textured look you want.

    Over the years, the substrates that are sandblasted have changed. It used to be that only real hardwoods, such as redwood cedar, were used for sandblasted signs. Yet, these days, most companies frown upon having signs that require chopping down trees. Synthetic materials were created to fill this new demand. Specifically, sign foam, also called high-density urethane (HDU), is now used in 90 percent of sandblasted signs.

    What Are Some Uses for Sandblasted Signs?

    sandblasted signs in Arvada COSandblasted signs in Arvada CO are most commonly used as the primary identification marker for an organization. They are generally installed on the fa?ade of a venue or as part of a post and panel monument sign. They are also used as entrance signs to office parks and subdivisions, address markers for homes, small hanging signs under larger markers, and as suite signs.

    Sandblasted HDU or wood signs are even required as the primary identifying sign for companies located in some less commercial areas, historic districts, or in towns that are going for a quaint appearance. Due to their aesthetic appeal and durability, apartment complexes also turn to HDU sandblasted signs.

    There is a broad range of bed and breakfast establishments and tackle shops in the Denver metro area. Since these businesses want to nurture a traditional appearance, they often come to us for sandblasted signs. Bakeries, law firms, architects, and other enterprises can also benefit from sandblasted signs.

    Are Sandblasted Signs Right for Your Organization?

    sandblasted signs in Arvada COWe can help you out if you are unsure about what markers are best for your building. Graphicworks Sign Company goes to your business to perform a site survey and look at your surroundings. We also listen to what goals you hope to achieve with your signage before we make recommendations that are ideal for your purposes.

    To learn more, contact our friendly professionals today.sandblasted signs in Arvada CO