• Choosing Dimensional Letter Building Signs in Denver CO
    Posted on: October 03, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Channel letters signs and lightbox cabinets are popular among our clients. We like filling orders for these markers, but an increasing number of property management companies, landlords, and building leasing organizations are requiring their tenants to install dimensional letter building signs in Denver CO. To help you determine whether these signs are right for your business, Graphicworks Sign Company has put together this guide.

    Types of Dimensional Letter Building Signs

    dimensional letter building signs in Denver CO Customization of your letters is simple with the vast selection of materials available. Here are some favorite alternatives:

    • Bronze ? Law firms with traditional values, accounting groups that want to showcase how long they have been in the industry, and service providers looking for a professional appearance all turn to the distinguished look of oxidized bronze.
    • HDU ? High-density urethane (HDU) is valued for how thick it can be (up to four inches) and low cost. This relatively new material can be covered with digitally printed vinyl overlays, coated with an acrylic or metal laminate, or painted to match your corporate colors.
    • Formed Plastic ? Formed plastic letters are perfect for companies that want three-dimensional prismatic faces for their letters. Formed plastic combines versatility, durability, and eye-catching dimensionality.
    • Aluminum ? Most metal letters are made out of aluminum because it is cost-effective, heavy duty, and can be used in a variety of ways. Aluminum can match your building or other design elements thanks to the many finishes available.
    • Acrylic ? The crisp, clean presentation of acrylic is the ideal way to show off your business?s branding. Acrylic comes in any color you want.
    • Stainless Steel ? The no-nonsense, rugged, cutting-edge, chic appearance of stainless steel letters is excellent for tech firms, apartment buildings, showrooms, and other enterprises. These letters will hold up in all types of weather for many years to come.

    What Options Are Available with Dimensional Letter Building Signs?

    dimensional letter building signs in Denver CO Materials are not the only custom options available with dimensional letter building signs. We also use a range of fabrication and installation techniques. For example, you can make reading the name of your building, service providers, or store easy to read from far away by taking advantage of the precise, crisp contours of flat-cut letters. To give these letters their dimensional look, we install them with spacers.

    You can enhance the appearance of your raised letters with a wide selection of typefaces and colors. This is the smart choice when you want to present a stylish look while actively branding your business.

    Internal lighting is rarely built into dimensional letter building signs in Denver CO. If your enterprise is open at night, this could be an issue. Fortunately, we can improve the readability of your letters by installing fa?ade spotlights or secondary landscape lighting.

    dimensional letter building signs in Denver CO Wading through all of the options available to you may seem overwhelming. We can help with this too. Our friendly professionals listen to your budget and goals for your project and perform a site survey before making recommendations that are right for your organization. For a free quote and consultation on dimensional letter signs, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today!

    dimensional letter building signs in Denver CO