• Color Change Wraps Jazz Up Your Fleet
    Posted on: August 31, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    If you are a company with a fleet of cars, trucks or vans, you have a great opportunity to use your vehicles as a way to market your business. With custom vehicle wraps, you can advertise while on the road, getting your name and brand out there quickly and effectively.

    However, sometimes whatever color your vehicles are just doesn’t cut it when it comes to your brand. You need something bright and bold, and you have gray instead. Or, the opposite problem: you wanted something dark and distinguished-looking for your interior design business, but you’re stuck with white or even something like bright yellow. What do you do?

    Well, color change wraps could be an excellent option for you. These vehicle wraps may seem fancy, but they’re actually quite simple in nature. All they do is change the color of your fleet vehicles, but believe us, that can make a huge difference. Let’s take a look at a few ways a color change wrap could help you.

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    Use for Food Trucks

    If you own a food truck business, you probably don’t want a drab or boring color for your truck. On the contrary, you need something that is eye-catching and looks amazing. It would also help if it effectively brands you. Color change wraps could be a great choice for you, especially if you own more than one food truck with a similar theme or concept. Change your plain white or gray truck into something fantastic with a simple application of vinyl.

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    Use for Home Repair Fleets

    Maybe you’re a contractor with a large home repair business and a big fleet of vans to go with it. Your brand’s colors might be blue and white, but your trucks are all different colors, and you’re not sure what to do about it. Well, try out a color change wrap and see the difference immediately. These vehicle wraps really open up your branding options and help your business grow and succeed.

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    Use for Moving Companies

    Are you the owner of a moving company with a ton of trucks that need a color refresh? Try out color change wraps to get your fleet looking uniform and professional. The best part is, you can choose any color you like because the vinyl is easier to apply than a traditional paint job and looks just as great.

    Get Custom Color Change Wraps for Your Fleet

    Ready to order color change wraps for your fleet of vehicles? Get in touch with Graphicworks Sign Company. We are your source for high-quality, professionally-designed vehicle wraps. Contact us now for a free quote.

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