• Combine Wayfinding Signs and Directories
    Posted on: September 20, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Some signs work best when combined with other signs. Sometimes, this combination will get you the best results. Wayfinding signs and directories are an example of two types of signs that work better together. When you combine these signs, you make sure that you?ve covered every corner and that people will be able to get around your facility easily. When you combine wayfinding signs and directories by GraphicWorks, you can be sure you?re getting the best of these signs.

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    Multiple Directories

    Lobby directories are the most common directory signs. People encounter these signs as soon as they enter your facility and can quickly find the floor or suite that they?re looking for. But people often forget where they?re going, so they might have to turn around and head back to the lobby to remind themselves. Especially if someone is going to an important meeting in your building, this can be incredibly frustrating. So, it makes sense to include more than a single lobby directory in your facility.

    One of the best places to include a secondary directory is in your elevator lobby, this will ensure that people can easily identify the floor they need to reach to get to their destination. You could include local directories on each floor too. That makes sure that people will be able to easily remember which suite number they?re looking for.

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    Wayfinding Signs

    When you combine multiple directories with wayfinding signs, you get a combination that ensures people will never get lost in your facility. The directories will let people know where they need to go and the wayfinding signs will direct them as they go. You can use the wayfinding signs in tandem with your directories and point the way to the suite numbers or areas that people are looking for. You can also use them at the intersections of hallways. The more clear your wayfinding signs, the easier it will be for people to find their way around. It also makes sense to use wayfinding signs to point out important areas like restrooms or stairwells.

    Your Signs

    If people seem to get lost in your facility easily, contact our team today to discuss your signage options!