• Custom Lobby Display for Plato BioPharma, Inc. – The Perfect Blend of Modern and Classic Design
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    Posted on: January 24, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    When we speak of custom signage, we are referring to all types of personalized signs created to meet your precise specifications. The signs can be personalized with the company’s name, logo, colors, and the message that shows what your company stands for.

    The main advantage to having custom made signs for your business is that you’re building your brand’s image and awareness. When people recognize your branding, they begin to trust you and your company’s goals.

    At Graphicworks Sign Company, we listen to what you have in mind for your project and offer our professional advice based on your vision, budget, and branding. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, we create your sign using top-quality materials and work with your schedule to install it.

    Our recent client, Todd Horn, wanted this kind of custom treatment and found us on our website.

    About the Client

    Todd Horn is the Business Manager for Plato BioPharma, Inc. (PBI). The organization’s mission is to research and support the discovery of therapeutics for treating life-threatening diseases.

    PBI engages in preclinical pharmacology, cardiovascular, renal, pulmonary, and hepatic therapeutic drug discovery areas. They also provide services such as surgery, biochemical analysis, and non-survival procedures.

    The company was founded in 2010 by Dr. Craig Plato and is based in Westminster, Colorado.

    According to their own words, the work they do is “a unique blend of fundamental model & assay development and validation.” This is exactly what they wanted to catch with their custom lobby display.

    Our Job

    When Todd contacted us through our website, he was looking for a decorative lobby display that would showcase the company’s unique mix of classic biopharma theory with modern elements. He was extremely quality & detail oriented and presented his design to us clearly.

    Popular materials used for lobby signs are PVC, aluminum, high-density urethane (HDU), and acrylic. They are all excellent for adding dimensionality to a lobby sign and creating a positive impact on your clients and guests.

    We agreed with our client to go for digitally printed acrylic and dimensional logo on individual panels with standoffs. These standoff fittings gave the display a floating, off-the-wall appearance. Dimensional letters created classy, distinguished look.

    Another great benefit of a custom made sign is the ability to blend it perfectly with its surroundings. The size and shape of Plato BioPharma sign were carefully designed to fit on the wall with other displays and give a finishing touch to the overall presentation.

    The Result

    The project took approximately six weeks to complete from start to finish. Dave provided design direction and created samples. Brad and Jason were responsible for sign production and installation.

    Our client was very satisfied with the end result. We succeeded in creating a unique product that met his expectations of “classical meets modern” research theory.

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