• Displays for Fall Festivals
    Posted on: September 06, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    With Fall right around the corner, you may find there are a number of opportunities to get your business involved in festivals and fairs in your community. The cool fall months are great for these types of community gatherings, whether it?s a Halloween haunted house or a fall craft fair, there may be opportunities for your business to become a vendor at one of these events. This gives you the opportunity to get your name and your products out to people who may not have heard of you otherwise. In order to make the most of these events, use these products from GraphicWorks.

    Branded Tent

    Branded Tent in Denver CO

    One of the first things you should invest in for these outdoor events is a branded tent. A tent is a great option for events in any season, but especially in the fall when the weather can get cool and damp. You can ensure that you and your products stay dry in the event of a rainy fall day. And sunburn is still possible, even during the fall, so a tent will keep you out of the sun as well. Aside from these practical uses, a branded tent will also make sure people are able to see your name above the crowd or amongst the other booths and businesses that may have set up near your area.

    A-Frame Signs

    a-frame signs in Denver CO

    Another great type of signage for these events is an A-frame signs. A-frame signs can be made to be totally versatile, meaning you can change what your signs says depending on the event. For example, we can create an A-frame sign that serves as a chalkboard. This allows you to totally customize your messaging to the situation by simply writing on the board with chalk. You can draw some fall-themed images around your sign to catch the eye too. If that isn?t your style you can also get A-frame signs that make use of prints that can be customized to your needs.

    Your Event Displays

    And what?s great is that both of these displays are highly portable. Both can be put up and taken down with ease and then stored and transported without taking up too much room.

    If you?re interested in these types of displays, contact our team today!