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    Posted on: March 31, 2020
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Signage is important to your business. There?s no doubt about that. But the only way that signage works is if it is effective. But how do you know if signage is effective? Well, the experts at GraphicWorks can help you with that. The effectiveness of signage all comes down to three things: location, readability and messaging. Without each of these things in this three-part equation, you wind up with signage that is missing the mark and doing nothing for your business. So, here is our guide to ensure that your business signs are actually doing what you need them to do.

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    Business Signs Need to Be Seen

    When you install signage, it?s important that you choose the right place to display it. Think about when you see business signs when you?re driving. Those signs are never hidden behind the restaurant or store, they?re often close to the road and high enough to be visible as you pass by. Or when you see indoor signage, it?s not usually tucked away in a random hallway or corner, it?s front and center when you first enter on a reception desk or wall that is clearly visible. The location of your signage is paramount to the success of that signage because the wrong location can lead to no one seeing your signs.

    Business Signs Need to Be Readable

    Along with the location of your signage is the readability of the messaging. Even if you have the perfect place to put your sign, if it is hard to read, it will not be doing the work you need it to be doing. You want a high contrast between the lettering and the background of your business signs. You want big, bold lettering that can be read at speed or in a quick glance. And you also want to be sure that the colors and fonts match your existing branding to ensure brand cohesion.

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    Your Messaging Has to Make Sense

    Even the best placed and most well-designed business signs are nothing if the actual messaging on the sign doesn?t make sense. Depending on the type of signage you?re investing in, the messaging needs to be tailored to the purpose of the sign. For example, you wouldn?t want a sign on the front door of your business that lists your services or products, your mission statement, your name, your current promotions, etc. You would want just your name and maybe your phone number, though. And this is where grammar can make or break you. If people see glaring spelling or grammar mistakes in your business signs, they?re almost certainly not going to take you seriously.

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