• How Effective Are Floor Graphics in Arvada CO?
    Posted on: November 04, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    More and more business owners are adding graphics to the floors of their venue. But, are these decals really effective? When you have seen these markers in the aisles of grocery stores, did they influence you to make a purchase? Think back. Can you remember what the advertisements were for? Why do organizations use this form of advertising? We will answer this and more as we explore floor graphics in Arvada CO.

    Reasons to Use Floor Graphics

    floor graphics in Arvada COThroughout your entire life, you have become accustomed to seeing ads on posters and signs. Floor graphics are the new and more progressive way to market. They create a one of a kind opportunity to increase your brand?s exposure since floor graphics are still quite uncommon. And, with more people looking down at their smartphones, they are right in the line of sight. Here are some more reasons to use floor graphics:

    They Provide Directional Cues ? It is crucial that your store have directories to help consumers find their way around. Shoppers want the convenience of being able to get to the item they want without wasting time, whether it is their 50th time entering the store or their first. You can aid customers and give them the best possible shopping experience by using floor graphics to list aisle categories or as directional arrows.

    Promote Products, Special Events, and Sales ? Let your loyal customers know about upcoming promotions and events with floor graphics. Since they are right under shoppers? feet and impossible to miss, it just makes sense to use floor graphics to advertise your sales and products.

    Floor Graphics Are Versatile ? A floor graphic with your company?s high-resolution logo can serve the same purpose as a traditional welcome mat. Additionally, there are different floor graphics for different surfaces. And, the vinyl films used for floor graphics are durable enough to withstand foot traffic without tearing. They are even easy to clean.

    How to Best Use Floor Graphics

    floor graphics in Arvada COFloor graphics are best used to tie in with something that is at eye level, as part of a viral marketing campaign, or when they are used for branding purposes. If you are using your floor graphics for branding, they should feature the same colors, fonts, and logos as your other marketing materials. After all, you are trying to get your unique branding in front of as many eyes as possible.

    Floor graphics are designed to work on a variety of flooring materials, including marble, concrete, wood, tile, carpet, and more. The majority of floor decals are printed on vinyl adhesive films, though aluminum floor graphics are also growing in popularity. No matter what you choose, any images, photos, text, or graphics can be printed directly onto the material.

    floor graphics in Arvada COSo, are floor graphics in Arvada CO effective? Absolutely when you use them correctly. Since they are not your average, ordinary sign, they should not be used as such. Instead, use them to subconsciously plant your brand or other marketing campaigns in consumers? minds.

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