• Engage Clients with Lobby Logo Signs!
    Posted on: May 16, 2016
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Engage Clients with Lobby Logo Signs! lobby logo signs in Arvada CO

    If your enterprise is situated in a large office building, you want a way to build your brand recognition, or you are just opening up your first brick-and-mortar location and need signage, you can get the job done with lobby logo signs in Arvada CO. Thankfully, Graphicworks Sign Company is one of the premier suppliers of these markers for the Denver metro area. How can you use these signs to benefit your organization? Let’s take a look!

     lobby logo signs in Arvada COWhy You Should Use Logo Lobby Signs

    What is the first thing visitors see when they first walk into your reception area? Are customers able to tell right away that they are in the right place? Or, does your lobby have minimal character that reveals very little about your company culture? You will welcome in clients and show them they have found the right place with logo lobby signs installed on a focal wall.

    Logo lobby signs can replicate your business’s branding precisely. We can perfectly match the colors you use on your other marketing materials using our cutting edge color matching software. This will give you brand consistency which is a must if you want to build your brand awareness. Once clients begin to recognize your brand, they will trust you. And, when they need the types of services and products you sell, they will come to you first.

    Types of Logo Lobby Signs lobby logo signs in Arvada CO

    You can put your company’s logo on the walls of your office using a variety of different markers, including:

    Acrylic Logo Panels – We start with a transparent acrylic panel that is cut to whatever shape you desire. We then add your branding to the face of it using digitally printed vinyl graphics. Lastly, we install the finished sign with spacers to add extra dimensionality to it which creates a distinguished play of shadows and light.

    Wall Murals – The most cost-effective way to display your logo on a giant focal wall in your reception area is to employ a vinyl wall mural. Using our large format digital printer, we can print your branding directly on vinyl adhesive film. We then professional install it to make it virtually indistinguishable from paint.

    3D Letters – Also referred to as dimensional letters or raised letters, these signs are typically made of PVC, sign foam, wood, acrylic, or metal. The letters are individually routed to match the fonts used on your other marketing materials. Additionally, we provide custom colors. Sign foam can be up to four inches thick, and we are able to cover these letters with acrylic or metal laminates.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to logo lobby sign options for your organization. When you call us, we come up with solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise. We perform a site survey and make recommendations based on your budget and goals.

    If you are interested in top-quality lobby logo signs in Arvada CO, contact the friendly professionals at Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free consultation.


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