• How Etched Vinyl Privacy Films Improve Your Workspace in Denver CO
    Posted on: November 07, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Recognition, respectful work relationships, team spirit, aligned and challenging goals, clear accountability and processes. These are just a few of the factors that can contribute to a great working experience. Your workers will be more satisfied when these emotional, psychological, and interpersonal aspects are catered to. The physical workspace is also important. And, one of the hottest interior d?cor options that contributes to a positive work environment is?etched vinyl privacy films in Denver CO.

    What Is Etched Vinyl Privacy Film?

    etched vinyl privacy films in Denver COAlso referred to as frosted vinyl, etched vinyl privacy film is a vinyl adhesive that goes on the interior and exterior windows and mirrors of your office to decorate, add a level of privacy, or to brand. This vinyl film was designed to be an alternative to etched glass, which can cost you thousands of dollars to achieve if you hire a professional glass etcher. Frosted vinyl is virtually indistinguishable from real etched glass.

    How Are Vinyl Privacy Films Used in Workspaces?

    etched vinyl privacy films in Denver COWithout natural light and open spaces in our workplaces, we may feel like we are trapped in a dungeon. Fortunately, modern architecture focuses on surrounding offices with exterior and interior windows. You get the all-important natural light and vitamin D you need from exterior windows. And, when your interior office is surrounded by windows, you feel like you have a larger work area and are connected to your coworkers.

    The desire for space and light is often at odds with the privacy needed to get your work done without distractions. And, in order to protect client, patient, or customer confidentiality, many fields require privacy. Fortunately, etched and frosted vinyl films provide the balance of natural light, space, and privacy while offering versatility and endless branding and design alternatives.

    How Privacy Films Are Used Inside Offices

    etched vinyl privacy films in Denver COA long list of businesses already use privacy films, including:

    • Payroll services
    • Tax preparation services
    • Personal care services
    • Dental services
    • Healthcare
    • Counseling services
    • Human resources
    • Financial services
    • Child care centers
    • Medical services

    Protecting customer confidentiality is a fiduciary responsibility. You will meet your clients? needs and ensure referrals and repeat visits to your business when you create a secure atmosphere.

    Also, you can avoid meetings getting off track and facilitate candor by creating a level of privacy in meeting, conference, and boardrooms. You do not need to cover your entire window to add privacy. For instance, we have found that a four-foot ribbon is enough to block the views of prying eyes.

    Use Positive and Negative Space to Display Branding

    You can choose to incorporate geometric shapes or other designs into your etched vinyl film, or we can add your custom logo. This is a smart solution for glass doors leading to your office or suite. Branding can be added with negative space (or areas where we remove vinyl to reveal your logo) or positive space, where we simply display your logo in frosted vinyl.

    Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what is possible with etched vinyl privacy films in Denver CO. If you would like to learn more about taking advantage of this design alternative, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free quote.

    etched vinyl privacy films in Denver CO