• Exploring Window, Wall and Floor Graphics in Arvada CO
    Posted on: July 15, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    You are probably familiar with retailers using window graphics to promote sales or to display their business hours. And, you have likely seen wall graphics in various facilities. And, these days, even the floor is getting in on the advertising. With window, wall and floor graphics in Arvada CO, you can:

    • Instantly update the look and feel of your interiors
    • Guide visitors in shopping malls, government buildings, airports, libraries, and other large buildings
    • Use vinyl graphics as wayfinding and lobby signs
    • Add important information to your storefront windows and office doors
    • Market your services and products


    Wall, floor, and window signs and graphics help you make the most of all of the unused surfaces on, around, and in your venue. You can boost your brand recognition and showcase your company logo with custom graphics. Another common solution is highlighting promotions, short messages, and other offerings. Here are some other ways to use these highly versatile marketing tools:

    Wall Graphics

    window, wall and floor graphics in Arvada COCommonly called wall murals and digitally printed wallpaper, wall graphics can feature your dedicated promotional slogans, mottos, and images. Text and graphics are digitally printed directly onto the vinyl and installed on your wall. Choose wall graphics for:

    • Offices looking for an affordable way to change their interior decor
    • Eateries interested in creating an atmosphere that matches their cuisine
    • Nonprofits wanting to display their core values and mission statement
    • Relaxing images for dental and medical waiting rooms
    • And much more!

    Floor Graphics

    Floor graphics provide you with an effective and inexpensive way for you to get your message across. With the widespread use of smartphones and more consumers staring down at their screens as they go from one place to the next, the new line of sight has moved to the floor.

    In lobbies, companies are utilizing floor graphics to display their logo. Or, you can use these signs to direct trade show attendees to your exhibit. Floor graphics can be applied to hardwood, carpet, tiles, concrete, or just about any other surface.

    Window Graphics

    window, wall and floor graphics in Arvada COThere are static cling and vinyl adhesive styles of window graphics. Sales and any other events that require short-term signage are served by static clings. Full vinyl window cling is a smart choice when you want to obscure windows during construction. You will want vinyl adhesive graphics for more long-term marketing campaigns. We are able to print your information on the back or front of the sign. In addition, based on your circumstances and preferences, the graphics are installed on the interior or exterior of your window.

    Perforated window vinyl is an excellent products that we get many requests for. With this material, you can still see out of your window and natural light can still come in, but on the outside, consumers will just see your message.

    These are just a few of the ways you can use vinyl graphics in your business. If you are interested in learning about specific solutions for your organization, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free consultation on window, wall and floor graphics in Arvada CO.

    window, wall and floor graphics in Arvada CO