• Exterior Dimension Signage for a Recent Project
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    Posted on: August 04, 2020
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Signage is important to your business and the GraphicWorks team wants to help you create signage that works for you. That’s why we often work with businesses that design and build your facilities to create the best possible fit for you. Recently, we worked with  ET Design Build to create facility signage for a local Waste Management facility. ET provides engineering design and construction services since 1993 for sectors including energy, environmental, solid waste and transportation. While there are numerous design firms and many construction management firms, the combination of in-house design/build capabilities ET Design Build offers is something that few firms possess.

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    The Signs

    For this job, we made sure the signage we provided worked with what ET Design had built. We provided a number of different types of signs, including exterior dimension signage, site wayfinding, traffic, parking, evacuation and room identification signage. This combination of signage worked for the needs of the facility and worked in tandem with what had been built.

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    The Purpose

    When you combine different types of signage in large facilities like this Waste Management facility, you know you’re covering your bases. You have the general identification of the exterior dimension signs AND the directional, safety and internal identification of important areas with the other types of signs.

    signage | Arvada CO

    Signage for You

    It’s important that a new facility has all of these types of signage, not only because they look good, but because they’re necessary to guide people through the facility and sometimes are even required by law. So, make sure you’re covering all bases as you design and build a new facility and contact the GraphicWorks signage experts today!