• Get the Job Done with A-Frame Signs in Denver CO
    Posted on: December 12, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    There are many advantages to using sidewalk signs. They are perhaps best known for their ability to get in the way of consumers and drawing their attention to the products and services you have to offer. However, they also make excellent temporary wayfinding signage. That?s what Mortenson Construction was looking for when they contacted Graphicworks Sign Company for A-frame signs in Denver CO. Today, we will look at what we did for them.

    What Is Mortenson Construction?

    For more than 60 years, Mortenson Construction has been providing business strategy, construction, optimization of facility assets, and development, planning, and design services throughout the world. Since 1981, they have had a regional office in Denver and are one of the region?s top builders. They serve the public and private sector with their more than 600 team members. They serve performing arts, infrastructure, sports, manufacturing, higher education, corporate, municipal, museums, and bioscience markets and many more industries.

    When an organization with such a global reach came to us for A-frame signs in Denver CO, we were delighted to be of assistance. Mortenson just started construction on the new RTD Civic Center Station in Downtown Denver in July and will be complete it in September 2017. They needed signage for this project. Fortunately, they contacted the right sign shop.

    What We Did for Mortenson

    A-Frame Signs in Denver COOur first step in the sign-making process was to meet with Mortenson to discuss what they had in mind for their project. While they are working on the RTD Civic Center Station, there are certain areas that are off-limits to the general public. They needed a way to tell people where to go. We recommended a heavy-duty A-frame sign. They agreed, and once they approved?the design, we got down to work.

    We started with an aluminum panel to which we added digitally-printed vinyl graphics which give wayfinding information while also displaying the Mortenson logo for branding purposes and to lend a degree of authority to the marker. The panel was then attached to a heavy duty aluminum frame. We chose these materials because the sign needs to hold up to the Denver elements for up to a year. In the end, the client was completely satisfied with their new A-frame sign. Now, people of all abilities will be able to safely access Civic Center Plaza.

    Why Choose A-Frame Signs

    Sidewalk signs are made of durable, waterproof materials, which make it so they can stand up to any type of weather. Most A-frame signs are either made of aluminum or plastic. Both of these options are resistant to fading and rust. The marker we provided for Mortenson is heavy and has a wide base, which ensures the wind will not move it. Other models have bases that take sand or water to keep them secure. Most of the sidewalk sign options require little maintenance and can fold flat for easy portability.

    If you are interested in using A-frame signs for your next project or to advertise your specials or best-selling products, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free consultation.

    A-Frame Signs in Denver CO