• How Mounted Prints Help Your Branding
    Posted on: July 06, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Most offices tend to use mounted prints as a sort of decorative touch to their waiting area or break rooms. However, did you know that these interior signs can also be displayed with branded information about your company on them? This is an excellent way to continue to market to clients without being in their faces about it. It?s essentially a subtler way of getting your brand message across.

    If you don?t think people will look at these prints, think again. Branded mounted prints don?t have to be excessive. In fact, choosing a subdued option is ideal. This way, your visitors will look at the prints, remember your name, and become valued customers.

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    They Are a Classy Choice

    As stated above, mounted prints don?t have to be garish or obnoxious about their branding. On the contrary, choosing this form of interior signage means that you will have something that looks like art hanging in your hallway. You can put a beautiful and complex design that features your logo and motto on yours, or simply stick with an abstract print that contains your brand?s color scheme. It does not have to be too complicated.

    For example, if you are an up-and-coming, newly established law firm that needs to get its name out there, you could use your company?s brand colors to create an allusion to the logo and company motto. If you just put your name and logo out there, it might be too obvious. But if it?s more muted in design, your clients won?t feel overpowered by it.

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    They Can Be Any Size

    Another great aspect of mounted prints is that they can truly be any size. You could group several smaller prints together, each with a letter of your company?s name on them. That way, when you hand them up, they spell out the name of your business. It?s a clever and visually interesting way to continue your brand message.

    For a different sort of look, try out displaying one large print on your entranceway. This could contain photographs of what your business does, such as home repair or childcare. It would be a quick way for visitors to figure out what you do and how well you do it.

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    Get Quality Mounted Prints

    Hopefully you?ve been convinced of the benefits of installing high-quality, customized mounted prints in your office to help your branding. Once you?ve made your decision, give Graphicworks Sign Company a call to get your own prints. Contact us today for a free quote.

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