• Illuminated Signage for Shorter Days
    Posted on: November 07, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    As Daylight Savings Time ends, one of the major benefits of the clocks rolling back is an extra hour of sleep. Who doesn?t love an extra hour of sleep? It?s hard to imagine anyone having an issue about gaining an extra hour. But there are drawbacks to the sudden shift as we go back to standard time. The most jarring of these drawbacks is the sudden shift in the sunset hour. It?s frustrating to suddenly be leaving work in the dark at only 5PM, but that?s the situation most of us will find ourselves in now. And this has implications for your signage.

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    One of the most important things needed in signage is visibility. Your signs aren?t doing very much if they?re not being seen. Visibility, of course, can be hindered by a number of things. From the placement of your signs to the traffic patterns nearby, there?s a lot that can make or break the effectiveness of your signage. Perhaps the most troublesome of these hindrances is natural light. A sign can be placed to make the most of traffic or put on a building to be seen better but the only way to make up for the dark is adding lighting to your signage.

    Illuminated Signage

    Lighted signage is a great option for businesses. It?s not necessarily going to ruin you if you don?t have it, but it can definitely make a major difference as we approach the shortest days of the year. Illuminated signs are a great option for a number of businesses, especially businesses that have prime hours during the later parts of the day or during the night. Restaurants, bars, and supermarkets are great examples of businesses that can make the most of illuminated signage. These are businesses that most people visit during the evening or at night. They?d be hard to find in the dark if there wasn?t some kind of illumination.

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    Different Styles

    Illuminated signage can be made to suit your needs and your brand. This type of signage can also be made to meet the community rules or guidelines. One of the most common and interesting types of illuminated signage is channel letter signs. This type of signage doesn?t need to be illuminated, but when you combine the LED lighting with this signage, you get an interesting and inviting look. Backlit or reverse-lit channel letters can be made to suit your brand and style.

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