• Improve Your Breakroom or Cafeteria with Wall Graphics
    Posted on: February 22, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Your employees deserve a space to call their own. Somewhere they can get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your workspace. A break room, cafeteria, or caf can be a great place for people to rest, relax, and center themselves during a busy workday. But it can be really hard to enjoy a lunch in a dark, concrete block room, or dingy corner of an office. It’s not hard to really make these areas more appealing with graphics from GraphicWorks.


    There’s nothing worse than taking a break at work and not being able to enjoy the time. There are a lot of reasons you may struggle to find your Zen in the office break area, but it shouldn’t be because the space is dark and dreary. Adding a splash of color or even a whole mural can brighten up any space and make it a much more enjoyable area. Vinyl wall graphics can transform a room, make it feel larger, and just improve the vibe in general. This can help your employees recharge, which will, in turn, make them more productive.

    Add Some Color

    You can even add some branding to these types of spaces, which can help them blend seamlessly with the rest of your space. This can impress any visitors who maybe want to grab a cup of coffee or eat a quiet lunch in your cafeteria. Especially in large facilities like schools, hospitals, or government buildings, a bit of color and a pretty view can be hard to come by. But vinyl wall graphics can do just that and bring a bit of cheer to these sometimes dour areas.

    Better Than Paint

    Of course, you could opt for paint, but that can be a messy, lengthy, and expensive process. Vinyl wall graphics can be designed, printed, and installed very easily. That can help you save, not to mention that these graphics can be highly detailed and sharp, making them far superior to a simple paint job.

    Wall Graphics for You

    If you want to add some branding or relaxing imagery to your cafeteria, break room, or other office space, GraphicWorks can help. We can help you design wall graphics that will inspire and encourage your staff. So, contact us today to discuss what will work best for you and your space!