• Install a Color Change Wrap Instead of Painting Your Car
    Posted on: December 23, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    If you wanted to personalize your vehicle, it used to be that you would have to pay for an expensive custom paint job. With color change vehicle wraps for Arvada CO, all of that has changed. You are making a permanent modification to your car when you get a custom paint job. However, when the time comes for you to sell your car, this alteration may make it hard for you to find potential buyers with the same tastes as you. Additionally, it will cost you thousands of dollars to get the paint just right. And, everyone will be able to tell if you go with a cut-rate paint job. How embarrassing!

    What Are Color Change Wraps?

    color change vehicle wraps for Arvada COVehicle wraps are so successful at advertising commercial businesses that Oracal, Avery Dennison, 3M, and other top vinyl manufacturers thought it would be a great idea to provide color change wraps for personal vehicles. Through research and development, they have perfected the durable materials and vibrant, fade-resistant inks. Expert installers have fine-tuned the technique for wrapping cars with solid colors so that you can no longer tell a wrap from custom paint.

    Auto manufacturer’s OEM color charts for most models leave a lot to be desired. Consumers, who are not finding the model of car they want in the color they want, are increasingly picking vinyl wraps in the solid color of their choice. Whether it is for the life of the vehicle or until it is just time for a change, a color change wrap can update the appearance of your car for as long as you want.

    Wraps Are Ideal for Your Leased Car

    color change vehicle wraps for Arvada COThe first color change wraps were designed for top-quality vehicles. Drivers of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other elite cars wanted to make a style statement by altering their vehicles. Yet, many of these automobiles are leased because of their crazy expensive price tags. And, you cannot permanently alter a vehicle under the terms of most lease agreements. Thus, color change wraps were born allowing car lessees to have total freedom of expression without making destructive modifications.

    Wraps Act like a Layer of Armor

    color change vehicle wraps for Arvada COIn addition to making it so you can change the color of your car, color change wraps also protect the original factory paint job making it easier for you to sell your vehicle down the road. With the thin layer of protection afforded by a vinyl wrap, you avoid most of the dents, fading, and dings that could occur due to the Colorado elements. You do not get this kind of protection from a paint job.

    At Graphicworks Sign Company, we have the experience and qualifications to wrap any van, car, truck, or boat. We can even wrap around aftermarket parts. Before you spend a penny, we show you precisely what you are getting by using our cutting-edge wrap templates to create detailed art proofs for you.

    If you are ready to make your car your own, contact our friendly experts today for color change vehicle wraps for Arvada CO.

    color change vehicle wraps for Arvada CO