• Should You Install Your Own Vehicle Wrap in Arvada CO?
    Posted on: October 10, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Most of us do our research online before making a purchase for our business. Even when it comes to vehicle wraps, this appears to be the case. Just about everywhere you look on the internet, there are online shops trying to sell ?DIY vehicle wraps.? They send it to you, and you install it. Piece of cake, right? Think again. We have seen enough disasters to know that you need to turn to the experts for installing vehicle wraps in Arvada?CO.

    You Need the Tools of the Trade

    vehicle wraps in Arvada COInstalling vehicle wraps requires specialized tools that only sign companies typically have. These instruments generally run you thousands of dollars. To ensure each installation is done right the first time, we have put in the time and money purchasing specialized blades, rollers and holders, tapes, squeegees, and a selection of other tools. Your X-Acto knife and squeegee simply won?t cut it.

    Experience Is the Name of the Game

    vehicle wraps in Arvada COProfessional sign makers have put in thousands of hours honing their vehicle wrap installation skills. They have installed miles of vinyl films. After you have used heat guns, vinyl squeegees, and other tools hundreds of thousands of times, they become like extra appendages. Our pros have pulled, pushed, tightened, and relaxed unfathomable amounts of vinyl. It takes years of experience to be able to install wraps that look good.

    You Need to be Certified

    The wrapping industry offers many different certifications. The best ones focus on experience, accountability, and skill. For instance, until a sign shop can show that they have been installing wraps for over two years, they cannot apply for United Application Standards Group certification. Before they are even allowed to test, wrap installers must submit to a shop inspection, pass in-process project observations, and verify business accountability. Other certifications have similarly rigorous standards.

    The More You Know

    vehicle wraps in Arvada COWhen vinyl film is not laying correctly, the average professional sign maker can spot it immediately. And, they can recognize whether or not a film is laminated right away. They also are able to tell by scent whether a print was laminated too quickly and will cause extra aggression in the adhesive tac. The pros know how to position the seams for the best finished appearance and how to line them up.

    What about you? Can you position a bumper section? What is the proper angle to wrap a door handle? Are you able to trim the body panel seams accurately? How can you fix an alignment issue? Can you take your side mirrors and taillights apart? These are just some of the problems a novice runs into when trying to install vehicle graphics.

    Graphicworks Sign Company is one of the top companies for installing vehicle wraps in Arvada CO. We have the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to install your wrap so it will look outstanding far into the future. Plus, we can take care of every other step of the process if you would prefer to just deal with one company. For a free consultation, contact us today!

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