• Should You Install Vehicle Wraps or Lettering in Arvada CO?
    Posted on: November 18, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Whether you use a personal vehicle to conduct business or operate a fleet with 2 to 200 trucks, you can build brand awareness and attract new business when you install vehicle graphics. In fact, the ROI on vehicle graphics far outpaces that of traditional media. So, adding decals to your car is an easy marketing decision, but the devil is in the details. What graphics are right for your enterprise? Today, we will help you with the question ?Should you install vehicle wraps or lettering in Arvada CO??

    What Is the Difference between Vehicle Wraps and Truck Lettering?

    Should You Install Vehicle Wraps or Lettering in Arvada COVehicle wraps and truck lettering are essentially on different ends of the vehicle graphics spectrum as far as pricing and coverage are concerned. On one end, you have full vehicle wraps, which cover every square inch of the surface of your car. On the other hand, vehicle lettering is usually just used to display pertinent information on the sides or rear of your van. Between these two extremes, there are spot graphics, perforated window vinyl, vehicle decals, and more. We cover these options in other blogs.

    What Makes Vinyl Lettering Superior?

    Should You Install Vehicle Wraps or Lettering in Arvada COTruck lettering comes in an array of standard fonts, sizes, colors, and styles, including metallic, reflective, neon, and matte. If you are willing to spend a little more, your letters or numbers can be custom printed and cut to match the hues and typefaces you use on your other marketing materials. Vehicle lettering is mainly used by fleet managers who want to display the name of their company and contact information on a large number of trucks.

    It is possible to install truck lettering on your own, but for the most part, you should rely on the professionals since they can ensure that the letters are aligned correctly, are free of damaging creases or air bubbles, and that they just look their best.

    Why Choose Vehicle Wraps?

    Should You Install Vehicle Wraps or Lettering in Arvada COFull vehicle wraps tend to turn the heads of every motorist, passenger, and pedestrian you pass by. They can feature any high-resolution, full-color graphics you want. We use our innovative large format digital printer to print any design you want directly onto vinyl adhesive films that were specifically manufactured for use on cars.

    Amateurs should never attempt to install vehicle wraps on their own. It takes thousands of hours of practice with a heat gun, squeegee, and other tools of the trade to master vinyl wrap installation. Since full wraps use much more vinyl and can take a day or two to install, they generally cost much more than vinyl lettering. But, again, they also tend to do a better job of catching the eyes of potential customers.

    So, when considering vehicle wraps vs. vehicle lettering in Arvada CO, the better option depends on what you hope to achieve and how much you want to spend. At Graphicworks Sign Company, we don?t believe in upselling you. When you call us, we will give you an honest assessment of what solution is ideal for your organization?s goals. For a free consultation, contact our friendly professionals today!

    Should You Install Vehicle Wraps or Lettering in Arvada CO