• Interesting Interior Signage Can Transform a Space
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    Posted on: May 23, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Your office interior says a lot about the business you run. It?s very important to send a clear, branded message to anyone who may be entering your business, whether that?s guests, employees, partners, or potential clients and customers. A professional space needs to look that way and it needs to send a clear message that you take your business seriously. But sometimes a little bit of flair can be good too. As long as you don?t push things to being gaudy, something like a little bit of interesting lighting with your interior signage can be a good choice to accentuate your space and your style.

    Interior Signage for a New Client

    Recently, we?ve had the opportunity to work with a local business that wanted to enhance their new office space with a company logo that would really add something interesting to their branding. They were referred to our team at Graphicworks from a client we?ve worked with in the past. The important thing when adding signage to the interior of your facility is to keep things consistent with your current branding and the look of your space. This client opted for a few types of signage that worked well with their brand and the space they had.

    Classic Choices

    Interior signage | Arvada CO

    The client chose dimensional adonized aluminum lettering for a wall near a small common area in the office. Although not a massively showy piece of interior signage, the company?s name was elegantly displayed in a way that allowed it to stand out from the wall behind it but still doesn’t overpower the space. This led to a classy display that worked well with the color scheme in that part of the office. The client also opted for some privacy film that makes for a great addition to glass walls and doors. Privacy film adds an interesting look to your glass surfaces but also blocks the view of people passing by, which makes it great for meeting place, offices, and conference rooms.

    An Interesting Choice

    Interior signage | Arvada CO

    One of the more interesting parts of this job was the client?s choice of halo-lit channel letters. You often see halo-lit channel letters on the outside of buildings, but they can create a truly unique and sophisticated look that really grabs attention and helps a business stand out. This client opted to have these signs inside their office and it truly transformed the space.

    If you?re looking for interior signage that will transform your office space near Arvada, CO, Graphicworks can help. So, contact us today!