• Interior and Exterior Dimensional Letters for Arvada CO
    Posted on: January 11, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    For both exterior and interior applications, dimensional letters are a smart solution. Commonly referred to as 3D letters or raised letters, dimensional letters will create a distinguished look for your lobby, conference rooms, departments, and other places inside of your venue. Additionally, on the exterior of your facility, there is a wide range of options. No matter what your needs may be, Graphicworks Sign Company has you covered with interior and exterior dimensional letters for Arvada CO. Let’s take a closer look at this great marking tool below.

    Varieties of Dimensional Letters

    interior and exterior dimensional letters for Arvada COBy prominently placing your organization’s logo and name on the interior and exterior of your building, you will capture the attention of consumers and identify your location. 3D letters are heavy duty enough to last for many years, and they can stand up against whatever the Colorado weather can throw at them. Your raised letters can be fabricated from numerous different materials. We get the most requests for the following materials:

    Plastic, Acrylic, or PVC – You can give both the exterior and interior of your venue a playful vibe with this assortment of outdoor-rated sign materials. If you want a stylish display option, go with flat cut letters. You get the chance to use prismatic faces when you choose cast plastic. This gives you dimensionality as well as a modern look.

    Bronze – Any service provider that believes in traditional customer service, law firms with old-fashioned values, and accountants that want to highlight their longevity in the industry should consider taking advantage of the elegant look of oxidized bronze.interior and exterior dimensional letters for Arvada CO

    Sign Foam – Commonly called high-density urethane (HDU), sign foam has grown in popularity in the sign industry because it is versatile and environmentally friendly. Sign foam is cost-effective and can be up to four inches thick. We can cover the sign foam letters with metal or acrylic laminates, add printed vinyl overlays, or paint the letters to match your branding.

    Aluminum – Most metal signs use this rugged, affordable, and multifaceted material. We can paint the aluminum any color you want to match your other marketing materials.

    Stainless Steel – Thanks to its chic, durable, no-nonsense, avant-garde appearance, steel is the perfect alternative for high-end apartment complexes, appliance showrooms, and tech firms.

    Dimensional Letters Are Entirely Customizable

    interior and exterior dimensional letters for Arvada COIn addition to providing whatever materials you want, we offer an array of mounting and fabrication techniques. For instance, flat cut letters have crisp contours, are clean looking, and they make reading the name of your service provider, venue, or shop easy for customers as they approach from great distances. These letters get their dimensional look from being standoff mounted.

    We do not usually incorporate an illumination source in the design of dimensional letters. However, we can add landscape lighting or spotlighting to create an attractive play of light and shadows. If you are interested in making your venue look great both inside and out, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free quote on custom exterior and interior dimensional letters for Arvada CO.

    interior and exterior dimensional letters for Arvada CO