• Interior Lobby Signs for Local Colorado Businesses
    Posted on: May 17, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    One of the great things about doing the work we do is that we get to help local Colorado businesses grow and refine their branding. Recently, we got to help a local State Farm office up their image and revamp their branding. The client received some really stunning lobby signs that exemplify the professional, refined look that an insurance business would want.

    lobby signs | Arvada CO

    State Farm

    We made interior dimensional signage out of quarter-inch brushed aluminum for this client. The aluminum lettering looks very bright in the correct lighting and really pops when it?s put against a darker colored wall. The brushed aluminum also has a bit of texture that is appealing when you look at it, especially up close. This sign went on a wall that was painted to match State Farm?s familiar red logo and branding. All of this combined to create a professional but eye-catching display for the State Farm office.

    lobby signs | Arvada CO

    For Any Business

    Lobby signs are a great way to make sure you leave a lasting impression on people. Normally, your lobby is the first thing people see when entering your office or facility, and it?s the last thing they see as the leave. This makes it a good idea to make sure that your lobby includes signage that identifies your business and leaves an impression with branding. Any business looking for a pronounced but sleek look should consider brushed aluminum signs for their lobby. As you can see, it creates a great look that can work for any business. It also helps to let people know they?ve found the right business as they walk into your front door. A lobby sign with your name and the proper branding can make for a really good welcome as people come into your facility.

    Our Work

    Signage is much more than just creating and installing signs, it?s trying to create the right sign for your business. You need something that suits you perfectly and accentuates, adds to, and totally matches your existing branding. So, when we work with local businesses, we do our best to make sure we provide something that does all of this. It?s important that we always deliver great work to our clients.

    If you?re interested in interior signage like a lobby sign, our team can help you figure out what will suit you and your needs. Contact our expert team today to discuss what we can help you with!