• Is Illuminated Signage Necessary?
    Posted on: September 20, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    As far as signage is concerned, visibility is super important. This should be pretty obvious. But does every business need to invest in illuminated signs to ensure visibility? For the most part, illuminated signs are going to be more visible more often, more memorable, and not as expensive as you might imagine. That doesn?t mean they?re perfect for everyone, though. Especially considering what kind of signage you?re looking for.


    Let?s start by looking at the benefits of illuminated signage. Illuminated signs increase the visibility of your business greatly. It gets dark (in most places, that is). This is something that everyone is aware of. During the winter months, it stays darker longer and people are out and about in the dark more often. So, by illuminating your signs, you?re ensuring that your business is seen at those times. Illuminated signs also make for memorable displays. The right lighting can totally sell the mood of a restaurant or bar with just your signage. Not to mention that a beautifully lit sign can be incredibly reassuring. And with the advent of LED lighting, you don?t have to worry too much about the electric bill skyrocketing.


    Now, maybe your image is simple, and you want to keep it that way. Or the neighborhood your business is located in has rules against illuminated signs. There may be reasons why you might choose signs without illumination built into them. In that case, you don?t have to sacrifice your visibility at night. Spot lighting signs is a great way to ensure that you get the look you need, stay within town ordinances, don?t disturb neighbors or wildlife, but still can ensure your signs can be seen clearly at night.

    It Can?t Hurt

    There are different styles of illumination for your signs and different ways to make that lighting really make your signs stand out. Of course, it comes down to what you?re looking for. Maybe your business is only open during daylight hours and you have no need for illuminated signs, there?s nothing wrong with that. But, for the most part, it can?t hurt to add a few extra hours of exposure for your brand, so maybe you should consider illuminated signage.

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