• Learn the Basics of Monument Signs
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    Posted on: June 16, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Monument signs are a distinguished-looking choice for a business. While they can be pricey, their cost is well worth how beautiful they look in the end. Besides, not all monument signs have to be made of expensive stone or brick! There are other more economical choices out there if you still want a stately exterior sign. Read on to learn the basics of monument signs, so when the time comes, you can make the choice that?s best for you.

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    Stone or Brick: The Classic Choice

    If you have the money, investing in a well-crafted stone or brick monument sign is worth it. These materials are long-lasting and durable, and if you take care of them, your sign will last a long time. Also, stone and brick easily withstand the elements, so if you live in an area with heavy snowfall or lots of rain and wind, your sign will be fine.

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    Concrete is Contemporary

    Another more modern choice of materials for monument signs is concrete. This is also very sturdy and can last even longer than stone or brick, since it?s essentially all one piece. It can also be carved or sandblasted for a dignified look.

    LED Message Boards or Carved?

    You might have seen some monument signs with LED reader boards attached to them. These modern signs are easily to customize and program, making them a good choice for those businesses who want to use their monument sign to advertise.

    On the other hand, you can stick with the classic carved or sandblasted sign. These give off a classy and warm feel, which could be an excellent option for family-owned businesses located in historic areas.

    Wooden Monument Signs

    Some businesses might want to opt for a monument sign made of wood. This is a quaint and friendly-looking option that could be great for a landscaping business or woodworking shop.

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    Length of Installation

    Monument signs usually take at least a few days to install, but it depends on the materials you?ve chosen. If you want a brick monument sign, expect the installation process to take longer than say, one made of concrete posts with an acrylic panel in the middle. However much time it takes, just be sure that it?s done right!

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