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    Posted on: June 20, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    building directory signs in DenverLet?s say you were finally able to schedule a meeting with a big-time client whose office is located in a large building. You took note of where they were located in your planner when you made the appointment. You may know that they are on the fifth floor, but once you enter the facility, you have trouble finding the stairway or elevator. After frantically searching, you do find the elevator. But, when you get to the fifth floor, you cannot locate the right suite. You are faced with a long hallway of unmarked doors. Well, there goes that client!

    Directory signs are a key element in the architecture of any building. Visitors seek out your directories as soon as they enter your venue. They are a natural place for people to stop and look for the unit they need. Thankfully, Graphicworks Sign Company is one of the top providers of building directory signs in Denver.

    Directories Make Your Facility Easy to Navigate

    building directory signs in DenverDirectories are still necessary even in the Information Age with the popularity of GPS apps and devices. They make every tenant, amenity, and department in your building easy and quick to identify. Also, there are virtually no maintenance problems to worry about with these markers.

    Let?s revisit the scenario from the first paragraph. The building your client is located in would ideally have a main directory in the lobby that lists all of the different tenants alphabetically along with their suite number. Another directory near the elevator would tell guests which floor to go to. Subdirectories with directional arrows on each floor would show you where different tenants are as you exit the elevator. When you use these signs together, you will smoothly guide visitors to their destination.

    How Are Directories Used?

    building directory signs in DenverThere are three main reasons why you should consider installing directories in your facility:

    Branding ? When you incorporate your business?s logo, typefaces, and colors, you can underscore your brand identity with your directory signs. When you include custom elements in your signage, you reinforce or introduce your branding.

    Wayfinding ? This one is pretty obvious. It simply isn?t cost-effective for most property management companies to hire a receptionist to direct and greet all guests. Plus, the receptionist may not be able to juggle phone calls and other tasks while welcoming people in. A lot of visitors just prefer to find their own way around. Office directories show the way.

    Image ? If your facility is confusing, you can forget about making a good first impression. However, you let potential customers know that you are good at taking care of details when you have a well-designed mixture of directory signs, live assistance, and maps.

    Are you looking around your venue and thinking it could be easier to navigate? Are you unsure of where to start? Let the friendly experts at Graphicworks Sign Company take care of everything for you. We will perform a site survey and let you know what improvements could be made. For a free quote on building directory signs in Denver, contact us today.

    building directory signs in Denver