• What You Need to Know about Channel Letters for Denver CO
    Posted on: February 13, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Channel letters are one of the most affordable methods for grabbing the attention of consumers at all hours of the day and night while promoting your enterprise. Whether you are interested in reverse or front lit letters, LED or neon lighting, or raceway or direct mounting, you can count on Graphicworks Sign Company to design, permit, fabricate, and install your channel letters for Denver CO. Let?s take a look at the many solutions available to you.

    The Different Styles of Channel Letters

    channel letters for Denver COHere are a few of the most popular types of channel letters:

    • Front Lit Channel Letters ? This is the most requested channel letter style. They feature rust-free aluminum ?can? frames, translucent acrylic faces of any color, and an internal illumination source.
    • Non-Lit Channel Letters ? These letters are made of the same aluminum as front-lit letters. They are shaped to match the fonts used in your other marketing materials with deep returns and smoothly welded edges. The main difference is that they contain no illumination source.
    • Reverse Lit Channel Letters ? With these signs, the light travels out of the back of the letters to produce a halo effect on the wall they are installed on. The letters are made completely of aluminum with an open back.
    • Back Lit Channel Letters ? When you combine reverse lit channel letters and front lit channel letters, you get back lit letters. These letters have an open back to create a soft halo while also allowing light to shine through their acrylic faces.
    • Open Face Lit Channel Letters ? It is a bit misleading calling these ?open face? letters. They still have acrylic faces, but the acrylic is optically clear, so you can see the illumination source inside, which creates a dramatic effect.

    Lighting Alternatives

    channel letters for Denver COUp until recently, about the only lighting options you had for channel letter signs was neon or fluorescent bulbs. Neon was the most popular option. The tube would be shaped to the letter and an array of gasses would give it its color. Neon is affected by low temperatures, usually requires more maintenance, and consumes more energy.

    LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, offer brilliant illumination in any environment when connected in a series. LEDs are quickly replacing neon as the lighting alternative of choice for channel letter signs because they require less energy and maintenance than neon.

    Mounting Options

    channel letters for Denver CODirect mounting?involves us mounting the channel letters directly to the exterior of your venue individually. We locate a power supply in an interior cavity and wire it to the letters. You get a cleaner look with direct-mounted channel letter signs.

    Another method is to have the channel letters mounted to a long, narrow rectangular aluminum box, called a raceway. Within the raceway, all of the power supplies, wiring, and other electrical elements are contained. We then install the raceway on the fa?ade of your building. If your landlord, lease, or property management company does not allow direct mounting because of the extra drilling involved, raceways are your perfect solution.

    If you are ready to take advantage of the most requested exterior building signs, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free estimate on channel letters for Denver CO.

    channel letters for Denver CO