• Is Neon or LED Illumination Better for Your Lighted Signs in Lakewood CO?
    Posted on: February 24, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Are LED illuminated signs better than neon illuminated signs? This debate can spark some heated arguments in the signage industry. On the one side, you have those who choose LEDs because they are the latest thing. On the other hand, there are those who stick with neon because it has been the old standby for decades. To help you decide, today?s blog is going to look at LED vs. neon for illuminated signs in Lakewood CO.

    LED vs. Neon Lighted Signs

    LED vs. Neon for illuminated signs in Lakewood COWe at Graphicworks Sign company like to closely examine the facts before we make up our minds on anything. Our staff of lighted sign professionals has installed dozens of illuminated markers, crunched the numbers, and perused the research. Therefore, our conclusions are based on the cold, hard facts and not necessarily the history of sign making or the ease of installation. Here is how the two options stack up on an array of factors:

    Electrocution Hazard

    Before you freak out, neither illumination type has a high electrocution danger. Yet, one is safer than the other. For instance, for neon tubes, you need 4,000 to 15,000 volts AC. Bright LED lights just need 12V DC. When these light sources are functioning, there is no danger. However, if there is an outage, it can be hazardous to check the tubes for proper installation. Therefore, whenever you have problems with neon tubes, you should call a professional.

    Size Matters

    LED vs. Neon for illuminated signs in Lakewood COThere are two ways in which size matters. When it comes to your utility bills, there is a difference between neon and LED lighting. Neon is much more expensive to run than LEDs. You can allocate more money to other parts of your organization when you reduce your electricity bills with LEDs. The other way size matters is that LED transformers are much smaller, so you can get a more streamlined, sleeker look for your signs.


    LEDs are the most heavy duty alternative. With neon tubes, you can wind up with a light out after a sudden jolt to the equipment, a storm, or anything else that upsets it. LEDs require less maintenance and can handle the Colorado weather just fine. When you want a lighting source that lasts longer, LEDs are the way to go.


    LED vs. Neon for illuminated signs in Lakewood COWhen you want to dispose of neon tubes or if you ever break them, you will find they can be a real nightmare. This is because they may contain mercury. On the other hand, LEDs do not. When it comes time to recycle LEDs, there are no hazardous materials to worry about.

    You shouldn?t just take our word in the great debate over the difference between LED and neon lighting. Instead, contact our lighted sign experts to see the differences firsthand. We are willing to perform site evaluations and make suggestions for the best illumination setup for your needs. We can help you crunch the numbers on how much you will save on electricity, show you the difference LEDs can make for your business, and demonstrate the great lighting powers of LEDs.

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    LED vs. Neon for illuminated signs in Lakewood CO