• New Denver Fire Department Station Adds Aluminum Exterior Building Signs
    Posted on: December 02, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Did you know that the materials you use for your signage say just as much about your organization as the typefaces, logos, colors, and text you use? It?s true, and if you want to project an image of tradition, longevity in an industry, and professionalism, then metal signs are the way to go. Denver Fire Department has all of these characteristics, so they contacted Graphicworks Sign Company for aluminum exterior building signs in Denver?CO.

    A Little about the Denver Fire Department

    aluminum exterior building signs in Denver COThe Denver Fire Department (DFD) just celebrated 150 years of serving the citizens who work, visit, and live in the City and County of Denver with hazardous materials response, fire suppression, high angle and water rescue, technical rescue, and emergency medical services. There are currently more than 900 paid firefighters supporting daily medical and fire/rescue operations. The main office of the Department is on West Colfax Avenue, and there are over 30 full-staffed firehouses supporting emergency and fire calls within the city.

    When an organization that is so vital to the safety of our region came to us for aluminum exterior building signs in Denver CO, we were honored to be of service. DFD had recently completed construction of Station 35 on East 75th Avenue at Denver International Airport. They needed markers to identify the building. Fortunately, we knew just what to do.

    We Gave DFD the Graphicworks Treatment

    aluminum exterior building signs in Denver CODuring an initial consultation, we met with representatives for the station and got a good look at the facility. The building features metal panels on the fa?ade that are meant to give it a modern appearance that resembles an airplane hangar. Based on the venue and DFD?s vision for the project, we recommended aluminum signage. They liked the idea, and once they approved the mockups we provided them with, we got down to work.

    In keeping with the appearance of the facility, we went for modern looking signage. We fabricated a long, narrow aluminum panel with ?DFD Station? removed, so the name was in the negative space. And, above this element, the number 35 is prominent. On a different face, we used dimensional letters installed with spacers to make ?Fire Station? jump out. The number 35 was similarly mounted on this face as well.

    In the end, DFD was completely satisfied with the work we did. Now, their new signage has a cohesive look that goes with the architecture of the building.

    Aluminum Is the Cost-Effective Metal

    When you want the appearance of metal without the associated price tag, aluminum is the way to go. With flat-cut aluminum lettering, we can achieve thicknesses of half an inch. When you want your enterprise to present a minimalist or industrial look, we can add a polished or brushed finish. We match the exterior of your building or your branding by using durable, fade-resistant polyurethane enamels to create custom colors.

    If you would like to put aluminum building signs to work for your organization, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free consultation.

    aluminum exterior building signs in Denver CO