• New Signage for SCL Health?s New Clinic
    Posted on: August 09, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    One of the best things about good signage is that it can leverage your location to help get you new business. When you invest in the right kinds of signs, you can take advantage of new opportunities to get noticed. One of the best ways of doing this is by choosing highly visible signage and placing it so that it has the broadest possible outreach. Recently, we were able to provide signage for a business we?ve worked with before that did just this.

    The Client

    We love working with great businesses in the Denver Metro area, and one of the businesses we?ve had the pleasure to work with was SCL Health. SCL is a nonprofit healthcare organization with a number of campuses, clinics, and hospitals all over the Denver area. We?ve been lucky enough to help them with several signage projects at a number of their sites, but we?re especially excited about the most recent work we?ve done with them.

    Exterior channel letter signage | ARVADA CO

    The Job

    SCL recently opened a new clinic. This new location is located adjacent to a major highway. That means there is a lot of traffic passing every day, all day. In order to take advantage of this, SCL wanted some highly visible outdoor signage that could be seen from the highway. We installed two illuminated channel letter exterior signs that are sure to draw attention and let people know about this new SCL location.

    The Signage

    Illuminated channel letter signs were a great option for this project. This type of sign has a really great reach and are visible at all hours of the day. That means SCL is getting maximum exposure with their signage. As people are driving by on the highway, they?ll be able to see these large, illuminated signs. Even in the dark, people will be able to find SCL and, aside from that, they?ll be familiar with their brand and their image just from these signs.

    Exterior channel letter signage | ARVADA CO

    Your Signs

    If you?re interested in making the most of your location, outdoor signage is a great option. Our expert team can help you find the perfect type of signage and well as help you find the ideal spot for it to be installed. Contact our team today to discuss your signage needs!