• Picking Attention-Grabbing Vehicle Graphics in Arvada CO
    Posted on: February 03, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Sure, your work trucks are crucial for getting your workers and equipment from one place to the next, but that is not all they are good for. They are also billboards on wheels that let everyone in the Denver metropolitan area know who you are and what you do. There are many important decisions you need to make when choosing fleet graphics. Fortunately, Graphicworks Sign Company is here to help you out with vehicle graphics in Arvada CO.

    Do You Even Need Graphics?

    Vehicle Graphics in Arvada COWe get a lot of calls from contractors, small business owners, and other entrepreneurs wondering why they should invest in truck graphics. With new digital wrap technology, completely customizable graphics have become more accessible for businesses with budget constraints. Let?s consider some facts:

    • A one-minute, drive-time radio spot costs $8.61 for every thousand impressions (CPM)
    • The CPM for a billboard advertisement is $2.18
    • The CPM for a 30-second, prime-time television commercial is about $17.78
    • Vehicle wraps cost $0.77 per thousand impressions

    The total lifetime cost of a custom wrap for your company vehicle averages out to under a dollar for every thousand consumers you reach. And, you can improve this visibility by taking the time to design graphics that stand out.

    What to Include in Your Vehicle Graphics

    Vehicle Graphics in Arvada COYour organization probably already has some consistent visual branding whether you have been around for a while or you are just getting started in the business world. You have a color scheme, typeface, and logo that you use on social media, your website, and other marketing materials. This is great. All of these branding elements can be incorporated into your van graphics.

    There are a few other things that you will want on your cars:

    Products and Services ? You want what your enterprise does to be incredibly obvious. This can sometimes be conveyed through your company name, your logo design, or through extra text.

    Your Logo and Name ? We have already touched on this a bit. Your logo should be scalable and readable. It is hard for people to figure out who you are when your logo is too baroque or complex or it features scribbly cursive font.

    Great Design ? Design is no easy task. First of all, you want an intriguing, attention-grabbing color scheme and excellent graphics. But, do not go overboard. Sure, you want to stand out, but you do not want your visual artwork to crowd out your call to action or branding. Our graphic artists are skilled at striking the right balance.

    Web Address and Phone Number ? These elements must be readable. You can learn how well your wrap is working by using a custom phone number or website just for your graphics.Vehicle Graphics in Arvada CO

    Hopefully, today?s blog got your creative juices flowing as you envision what is possible with your fleet. If you would like solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your organization, please contact the friendly professionals at Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free consultation and quote on vehicle graphics in Arvada CO.

    Vehicle Graphics in Arvada CO