• Principles of Design Help Channel Letter Signs
    Posted on: July 20, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Designing an exterior sign such as channel letters for your business may seem very complicated and overwhelming. It doesn?t have to be, though. If you are thinking about designing and installing channel letter signs for your property, learning a few simple principles of design can help you a lot with the process.

    The best part is, you don?t have to be a graphic designer or an artist to understand these concepts. In fact, they?re fairly basic and easy to comprehend, especially when it comes to signage.

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    Principle # 1: Proportion

    This particular principle may seem obvious, but it is still important. You will want your channel letters to be proportional to the rest of your sign (if there?s a logo with it, for example) as well as the exterior wall of your property.

    If your channel letter sign is too big, then it will overpower everything around it, including any other signs you may have, like window graphics, for example. If it is too small, it will not be seen too easily.

    A good sign has good proportions, which makes it visually pleasing to look at.

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    Principle # 2: Balance

    Balance doesn?t have to always be about large versus small. It can include color and the ?weight? that certain colors give the letters of the sign. To give an example, think of how ?heavy? black appears visually as opposed to white or yellow. If your sign has too much white, it may not be imposing enough, and therefore will be hard to see. However, you wouldn?t want an all-black sign on a black or dark blue wall. Consider your surroundings when thinking about balance for your channel letter signs, so that there will be a good level of contrast as well.

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    Principle # 3: Unity

    This principle goes hand-in-hand with balance. Unity is the concept that every separate part of a design or artwork works together to create a coherent and cohesive whole. Again, color plays a huge part in this. Use complementary colors in your channel letters to create a feeling of ?one-ness?. This will be pleasant to look at, while still grabbing people?s attention. Include a color that has a high level of contrast with the others for maximum effect.

    Get Well-Designed Channel Letter Signs

    Now that you?ve learned some key basics of designing a sign, once you?ve made your decision, get in touch with Graphicworks Sign Company. We are your source for quality channel letter signs, and we?d love to hear about whatever creative ideas you have. Contact us today for a free quote.

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