• The Quick Guide to Hiring a Vinyl Car Wrap Installer
    Posted on: May 11, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Car vinyl wraps are like the second layer of coating for a vehicle. Backed by strong adhesives, they stick to the painted vehicle body and serve a number of functions. They can also be completely customized. Besides choosing from an innumerable number of designs, consumers can now try out 3D textures and films.

    They have a number of advantages. They can be used to make the vehicle more attractive. In some cases, they are used to serve advertisements. Mobile advertising has been known to provide tangible benefits. As wraps are like a second coating, they also protect the car’s surface from accidental scratches.

    What must be kept in mind while hiring a vinyl car wrap installer?

    Granted that vinyl car wraps are a great idea. However, getting work done from an incompetent installer can wreak havoc. Besides frequent repair trips to the workshop, bubbles and uneven cuttings can spoil the presentation altogether. Hence, it’s advisable to check the following points before hiring a car wrap installer:

    1. Material and Quality

    Firstly, the installer must use vinyl as well as laminate. The laminate keeps the vinyl together and provides stability. Secondly, the quality of the material must be checked. Top brands like 3M, Avery and Orafol have turned out to be more reliable than others.

    1. Installer’s Certification

    If a vinyl wrap installer uses 3M materials, he would usually be certified by them, too. Certified 3M installers have to attend 3M workshops and classes. Hence, certification ensures that the installer is high on technical knowledge and knows his job well.?

    1. Warranties

    No matter how good the installer, he can always make mistakes. At times, the material may turn out to be faulty. To be on the safe side, it is always advisable to have sufficient warranty cover for your vinyl wrap. Hence, do ask the installer about the warranty duration and the associated terms and conditions.

    1. Samples

    Even if everything looks alright, it is better to cross check the installer’s credibility by looking at his past samples. The kind of designs he has done, their complexity and their execution should be keenly noticed.

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    Even after getting the right vinyl wrap installed, your job is far from over. The best of wraps wouldn’t be able to survive if they are not maintained well enough.

    At GraphicWorks Sign Company, we can help you get durable vinyl wraps on your vehicle and help you maintain them well. In case you are interested, give us a call.