• Reception Area Signs for Law Firms in Denver CO
    Posted on: January 06, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    You can personalize the impression you make with your office with law firm lobby signs from Graphicworks Sign Company. We offer a wide variety of style elements and materials for you to choose from. You set the stage for all of your meetings with clients along with opposing parties when you customize your signage. We get the most requests for the following reception area signs for law firms in Denver CO.

    Dimensional Letters

    reception area signs for law firms in Denver COIf you want a more substantial appearance that acts as a visual counterpoint to your reception area wall, consider choosing three-dimensional letters. High-density urethane (HDU) letters really pop since they can be up to four inches thick. On the other hand, flat cut acrylic letters are also popular. They get their dimensional look when they are standoff mounted.

    Backlit Lobby Signs

    reception area signs for law firms in Denver COIf you want to make a strong, memorable first impression, consider illuminated lobby signs. We are able to incorporate energy-efficient LED lights into your marker to create a great effect. A favorite option is to cut your company?s logo from a sheet of brushed aluminum and add acrylic faces for the light to shine through. The backlighting also produces a halo effect on the wall the sign is mounted to.

    Brushed Aluminum

    reception area signs for law firms in Denver COWe supply both brushed aluminum letters and panels. Aluminum is an excellent metal sign choice because it is inexpensive, heavy-duty, and projects an image of professionalism and longevity. A sign made completely out of aluminum may be out of your price range. Thankfully, we can just apply a thin layer of aluminum alloy laminate to other less expensive substrates to achieve the same effect as a solid metal sign.

    What Look Do You Hope to Achieve?

    Do you want your clients to see your practice as forward thinking and innovative? Or, do you want them to think your firm is well established and has decades of experience? Your lobby signs must play a key role in whatever image you want to project. Trendy law offices are turning to wall murals for their reception area signs. We integrate your practice?s name into the wall graphics on your reception area?s accent wall. When creating the mural, our graphic designers work closely with your interior decorators to get the right look.

    When picking materials, the main considerations are aesthetics and your budget. We can work with your existing lights or install spotlights that shine on your lobby sign and heighten the effect of your marker. You can choose from an array of standard colors, or we are able to customize your sign?s colors to match your branding.

    If you are not sure about what would be best for your organization, let us help. Our friendly experts will perform a site evaluation, learn about your corporate culture, and listen to your vision before making suggestions that fit your budget. Once you are happy with the designs, we manufacture your sign and install it on your schedule.

    To get started, contact Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free consultation on lobby signs for law firms in Denver CO.

    reception area signs for law firms in Denver CO