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    Posted on: January 27, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Vinyl banners are becoming more and more popular for organizations in just about every industry thanks to their lightweight, affordable, and heavy-duty design. Fortunately, Graphicworks Sign Company has experience supplying local businesses with the best vinyl banners in Lakewood CO. Today, we will explore the many different types of vinyl banners and how they are used.

    Types of Vinyl Banners

    Best Vinyl Banners in Lakewood COThe two main types of vinyl banners are cut vinyl banners and digitally printed banners. Cut vinyl banners are made by cutting lettering and simple shapes from a sheet of vinyl adhesive film. The copy is then adhered to a vinyl banner. Cut vinyl banners are ideal for promoting events that you hold each year since it is easy to update the location, date, and time of the events by changing out the necessary lettering. Updatable cut vinyl banners are much more cost-effective than buying a whole new banner every year.

    When you go with digitally printed banners, your designs are printed directly onto the vinyl banner. Since this process allows for more detail, it is perfect for high-res images and photographs. When you want a colorful banner with an array of style elements, digitally printed banners are your best alternative.

    Banners can be ready for you within a day or two, which is much faster than most other signs. Speedy banners come in handy when you are close to your grand opening and have not ordered signage yet. As you wait for your long-term signs to be ready, banners can be printed and hung in time for you to open your doors to the public.

    How Are Vinyl Banners Used?

    Best Vinyl Banners in Lakewood COCompared to radio spots, newspaper ads, television commercials, and other standard forms of advertising, banners are much more effective. This is because you can change them out regularly, they can be reused each year, and you can install them in busy areas. They are basically inexpensive billboards. We get requests for banners for the following uses:

    Promote Seasonal Sales – The holiday shopping season is behind us now, but there are plenty of other events coming up that you can tie into special sales. For example, you might consider advertising a President’s Day or Valentine’s Day sale.

    Show Your Appreciation for Lakewood – Lakewood is a pretty awesome community. You can do a lot to boost your brand awareness by showing a little appreciation for your neighborhood or town. Cut vinyl banners are an affordable way for you to thank your sponsors, customers, and donors.Best Vinyl Banners in Lakewood CO

    Build Your Brand at Events – As you exhibit at expos, conventions, and trade shows, take your corporate logo, fonts, colors, and other branding with you. Banners are easy to hang up, transport, and assemble.

    Advertise Your Top-Selling Items – Digitally printed banners can display photographs of new products that you want to tell shoppers about or popular items that you just want to get the word out about. We can enlarge smaller items to accentuate minute details.

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    Best Vinyl Banners in Lakewood CO