• Short-Term VS Long-Term Signage
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    Posted on: March 26, 2020
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    When it comes to signs, you have a choice between a quick and less durable display or something that may take a bit longer to install but that will hold up over time. Depending on your needs, both are viable options that can help you get a message out to your customers or clients. But how do you know which signage you need and which to invest it? After all, you don’t want to waste money on the wrong sign.

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    Consider the Purpose

    The first thing to help you figure out if short or long-term signage is better for you is by figuring out the purpose of your signs. Are you advertising a seasonal sale, the grand opening of a new location? Or is the sign used for wayfinding, ADA or just identifying your business and location? If your advertising something that will only have a short duration, such as a sale or temporary location, it’s definitely better to opt for short-term signage that will be more affordable and easier to install. But keep in mind that if you’re only using the sign for a short time but could use it again, for example during a yearly sales event that doesn’t change year to year, you’ll want to invest in something more durable.

    Consider the Environment

    Sun, wind, rain, snow, time: all of this takes a toll on your signage. If you intend your signage to last more than a few days in an extreme condition, you need to invest in something more substantial. But if you’re only going to be displaying a sign for a short time, you’ll be fine using something less durable.

    Consider the Audience

    Another thing to consider when choosing if long-term signage or short-term signage is better for you is considering the people who will be viewing your sings. In some cases, it may look better to invest in sturdier, longer-lasting signs even if you’re only using them for a short time. This type of signage will appeal to people who are expecting a highly professional attitude from your business or if you’re trying to establish your credibility and significance in a new area.

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    Ask the Signage Experts

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