• Show Visitors Where to Go with Directory Signs for Golden CO
    Posted on: April 03, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Directory signs are a must for guiding and informing guests and prospective tenants when your enterprise is located within a large building complex. We would aimlessly wander around with the hopes of somehow stumbling upon where we need to be without the use of these directories. Nobody has time for that. Whether installed outside of an entrance or in your lobby, directory signage solves the issue of where to go so that we can quickly get to the right place. Thankfully, Graphicworks Sign Company is one of the top providers of directory signs for Golden CO.

    How to Buy a Directory Sign

    directory signs for Golden COWe suggest that your directory signs be part of the initial construction of your venue, though there is never really a bad time to add a directory to your facility. Yet, when you start at the very beginning, it is easier to incorporate features that are complementary to the building d?cor. Additionally, the information of the initial tenants can be listed on the directory as soon as the building opens.

    directory signs for Golden COAs you are shopping for building directories, consider the following questions:

    • What is the budget for your project? This always helps us know what materials to recommend and gives you an idea of what is attainable.
    • Do you want a building logo/name or header area at the top of the marker?
    • Will you need interchangeable slats or panels? To answer this question, you will need to think about how often tenants come and go within your venue.
    • How many slats or panels will you need? Will you need additional ones for building space that is not currently filled?
    • How big do you want your directory to be?
    • Where will your sign be located? Inside or outside?
    • What are some examples of signs you like? Be sure to take photos for easy reference.
    • What colors or materials do you want to use? Acrylic, aluminum, wood, and glass are some options that can be used to custom design configurations that are ideal for your facility.
    • What type of material will the sign be mounted to?
    • If you choose to have your sign installed outdoors, will it be exposed to the weather?

    Let Graphicworks Take Care of Everything

    directory signs for Golden COYou are ready to get started on your custom directory once you have the answers to the above questions. You can get creative with your sign and add custom colors and logos that identify each business, or the info on your sign can be as simple as tenant names and room numbers.

    At Graphicworks Sign Company, we have designed directories for organizations and buildings that highlight their brand image perfectly. From exterior signs with custom dimensional logos to interior wayfinding markers with braille and raised text, we are experienced at creating high-end sign systems that complement any budget and design.

    If you are interested in learning about solutions for your venue, contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation and quote on directory signs for Golden CO. We will help you find your way through your options!

    directory signs for Golden CO