• Sign Strategies to Future Proof Your Brick-and-Mortar Store
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    Posted on: January 18, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Using signs is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your brick-and-mortar business. But keep in mind that not all signs are created equal. In fact, using the wrong sign strategy or element can do more damage than good.

    One good example of this damage is creating a sign with an overall design that is far from the look and feel of your business branding strategy. This dilutes the power of your branding, and consumers may get confused.

    To help you avoid such pitfalls, below are a few key points to keep in mind.

    The Branding Strategy

    As mentioned above, diluting your brand image doesn’t help anyone. Hence, if you’re planning to use signs for advertisement of your business, make sure that the overall design and feel of those signs fit well with the branding strategy that your business is implementing. If your business still doesn’t have a branding strategy, it’s best that you formulate this first before doing any kind of advertising, whether it’s online ads, posters or signage.

    Branding strategy is critical as it will dictate almost anything that comes out from your company, including the design and feel of your physical store, print ads and even the business clothing of your employees.

    The Importance of Headlines

    Any good copywriter will tell you that the headline is by far the most important part of your sign. This is because the consumers make an unconscious decision if they want to read the rest of the sign or ad upon reading the headline. Hence, make sure that you put a lot of work in it.

    PRO TIP: The best headlines are short, direct and attention-grabbing!

    If you don’t have the capacity to create a great headline, then we suggest that you hire a copywriter to write one for you. Headlines are crucial ? that’s not an area you would cut corners.

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    Eye-catching Images

    Aside from the text, the images also have a significant impact on the sign’s ability to perform. Therefore, it’s always good to put a lot of focus on this area.

    PRO TIP 2: Use unique images and contrasting colors.

    Images that people seldom see can grab attention quickly. Contrasting colors are also a great tactic for attracting the gaze of your target audience.