• Signage Colors and the Holidays
    Posted on: December 18, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Your signage colors are one of the most important parts of your brand. Have you ever noticed how recognizable colors are in logos and marketing materials? Or how about how important colors are to your everyday existence? You might have a relative that wears a distinct color that you associate with them. Or maybe you recognize the work of certain directors because of their use of color in their films. There?s the obvious use of color in traffic lights and street signs. Perhaps you?ve even noticed the funny way that holidays wind up being associated with specific colors.


    Color theory is important in your marketing because colors can be distinctive and evoke certain emotions. During the holidays, we use specific colors to do the same thing. Colors represent certain emotions and feelings during the holidays, but also specific traditions and important aspects of the seasons. For example, look at Halloween. Black and orange are pretty much the go-to colors of this spooky fall tradition. The orange represents the colors of the changing leaves (and sticks around all the way into Thanksgiving) and the black represents the mysterious, dark and spooky nature of the holiday. So, you have a combination of literal representation and emotional connection to the holiday.


    Hanukkah Colors | Signage | Arvada CO

    But color can also have a lot to do with tradition and familiarity too. Look at Hanukkah and Christmas colors for examples of this. Hanukkah is associated with blue and white and these colors are very important in the Jewish religion. A specific color blue called Tekhelet is believed to be the color of heaven and is combined with white in traditional Jewish prayer shawls.


    Christmas Colors | Arvada CO Signage

    As for Christmas, you have the combination of green and red. This color combination comes from the ancient pagan traditions that influenced the celebration of Christmas. Ancient Romans gifted the holly branch as a sign of good luck during the celebration that would eventually influence Christmas. The holly with its deep green leaves and bright red berries has remained a symbol of Christmas even into the modern-day and you see it everywhere during the season, from Santa?s red suit to the green in the Christmas tree.

    Your Signage Colors

    Color is incredibly important in our lives, even though sometimes we might not be aware of it. That?s why it?s important that you make sure your marketing has all the right colors. This includes your signage. Your signage colors are incredibly important in representing your business. So, if you want to make sure your signage is using the right colors, contact the GraphicWorks team today!