• Signage for a New Business in Denver
    Posted on: June 14, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Here at Graphicworks, we love to see new businesses thrive in our area, especially when we can help them make their space fit their brand and attract new business. Signage is absolutely necessary for any new business and should be one of your priorities once you establish a permanent location. Good signage will make your space feel complete, official, professional, and will also help draw people into your new space. We recently had the chance to work with a new business startup: Empourium Brewing Company in Denver, CO.

    We worked with Empourium to improve their branding both inside and outside their new location. This really brought their new space together. We were really happy to help them take things to the next level, considering they started in a garage in 2008.

    Outdoor Signs

    Exterior Signs | ARVADA, DENVER CO

    Exterior Signs | ARVADA, DENVER CO









    On the outside, we did two things for Empourium. First, we did an exterior sign with their logo, which was installed just above their main entrance. This sign, which will definitely increase visibility with high contrast between the light lettering and black background. We also installed a vinyl version of their logo and other vinyl designs to their glass front doors. The combination of a large exterior sign and vinyl door graphics is a great option for any small business. It grabs the attention of passersby, even at a distance. It also reinforces and welcomes people as they enter your store, business, or facility.

    Indoor Signs

    Indoor Signage | Arvada CO | Denver CO

    Once people see your exterior signs and cross the threshold into your space, it?s important to keep your branding consistent. Empourium capitalized on a beautiful interior space with a dimensional logo sign inside, just above their beer taps. This logo sign used the same design as their exterior sign, creating a seamless, branded look. This seamlessness in branding really solidifies a business? professional look and makes people feel more comfortable in your space.

    Signs for New Businesses

    If you?re a new business in the Arvada, CO area or Denver, CO area, Graphicworks is here to help you establish your business in your market. Our signage team can help you design, produce, and install signage that will draw attention and add to your existing branding. Signage can make a major difference between growing your business and staying where you are. Not only do people look at signs as they pass by, but they appreciate the legitimacy of your business and the time and money you?re investing with great signs.

    If you?re interested in signage for your new business, contact our team today!