• Signage Tips: What Goes into a Good Design
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    Posted on: April 26, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    There?s a lot that goes into making a sign. That?s because your signs have to be perfect. A subpar sign will not draw the attention of potential clients and customers. A subpar sign will not give the professional look that assures people that you know what you?re doing. So, you need signs that are made to look good from the ground up. That process begins with a good design. Here are the things that need to go into a sign design to get the most benefit.

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    The right colors are absolutely imperative to your signs. Have you ever seen a sign where the colors seemed like they were fighting with each other? Or where the background color made the color of the lettering almost impossible to read? More than likely, if you?ve seen these kinds of things, you did not think much of the business that these signs represented. Color science is an important part of sign design. The right (or wrong) colors send signals to the people who see the signs. So, when you choose colors for your signage, you need to be sure that you?re sending the right message. And keep in mind that certain colors have certain associations. For example, a bright green may be better suited for a store that sells organic food and grays and blues may be better suited to businesses like law firms.

    Size and Shape

    The actual size and shape of your signage is also important. You want to make sure that your signs are visible and that means finding a size that can be seen from a distance, but that also fits on your building or property so as to not be an eyesore. When you decide on a specific type of signage, the size is important to the design. A large sign may grab attention from far off but may not fit in the space you have available. And indoors, large signs can become gaudy or obtrusive.

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    The style of your sign is another important aspect of the design. You have to choose a type of signage that fits with your business and your goals. For example, a post and panel sign may not work for a new-age restaurant and halo lit channel levels may not work for a historic tourist destination. That doesn?t mean you can?t bend the rules a bit, but for the most part, you want to be sure that you signs match your established style and that they?re properly representing who you are and what you do.

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