• Signage to Help Landscapers Make the Most of Summer
    Posted on: May 10, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    During the summer months, many businesses experience a busy season. But for some businesses, the summer is their peak time for business, even their only season. Landscaping is one business that makes the most of the summer. They rely on this time of year to make money. That means they have to be sure that they?re not missing any potential opportunities and that they?re capitalizing on every possible chance they have to gain new clients. One great way for landscapers to do this is with the right kinds of signage. Here are our suggested signs for landscapers trying to make the most out of their busiest season.

    Yard Signs

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    One great benefit of landscaping is that when you?re done, you leave behind a really great example of the work you do. Neighbors and passersby see an expertly cut lawn, clean edged lines along walkways, perfectly whacked weeds along fences. One great way to take advantage of this is by leaving something behind to help identify who it was that left this yard looking so good. Yard signs are a great way to do this. With the property owner?s permission, placing a yard sign on a lawn you?ve just made look pristine can go a long way toward getting new clients.

    Vehicle Graphics

    On a similar note, when people see a landscaping crew at work, it garners a bit of interest. People poke their head between curtains and look at what is going on in their neighbor?s yard. Drivers give a quick look as they pass. All that movement and noise generates interest in what you?re doing. A good way to make sure that people are seeing your business and not just your lawnmower is to be sure your truck and trailer have your name, phone number, and logo on them.

    Truck wraps

    A graphic can be made to make sure that people know who it is mowing their neighbor?s lawn and how they can contact you for the same quality lawn care. They also make your truck and trailer look more professional. This makes your landscaping business look a cut above your competitors who show up in a rickety, rusty, old pickup truck.

    Your Signage

    If you own or operate a landscaping outfit, the right signage can make all the difference. Gaining and maintaining clients is a top priority, so it makes sense to invest in this. If you?re interested in signage for your landscaping business, contact our team today!