• Signs are Still Important to Your Business
    Posted on: April 28, 2020
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    It?s more important than ever that your business is easily identifiable from the street. As more businesses make the move to curbside and similar services, you need to make sure that people can recognize your business while they?re driving by. Even industries that never imagined making such provisions have found themselves rethinking the way they do business and, subsequently, their signage. So, if your business and industry are changing, make sure your signage is changing too and that you?re not falling behind.

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    A Changing World

    As people have made the move to a less centralized way of doing business, a great many industries have found themselves making a move to limited occupancy in brick and mortar spaces and a dramatic increase in delivery and curbside services. That means that you need to be instantly recognizable and that these changes in your business are made known as well as clearly demonstrated to those who may be using them. For example, a sign visible from the road will show people where you?re located, but smaller, wayfinding signs in your parking lot that show people where to wait before entering your building, where to park while waiting for service, or where a curbside order can be picked up.

    Trends that May Stick Around

    All of this is important to start thinking about now so that you can get ahead as industry and business change in the light of COVID-19 and as the world returns to normal, you may even see these trends stick around in a number of industries.

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    Your Signage Partner

    As always, visibility is important to your business and the reassurance of seeing a familiar brand can go a long way and the GraphicWorks team is here to help you make sure your business is visible now and in the future. Make sure you?re ready for the changes coming and that your business is visible to those who need your services by contacting our team today.